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Coming soon to SIFF Uptown – a Parklet

March 27th, 2014 by Laura

The Pilot Parklet Program launched by SDOT has selected 10 new parklet hosts to participate in the 2014 extension of the program, and one will be hosted right next to SIFF Cinema Uptown, at Queen Anne Ave N and Republican St.

SF Parklet

Parklet in San Francisco

The Uptown Alliance applied for the parklet in February, and the SIFF location was chosen based its potential to provide a valuable community space, as well as its high level of community support.

The Uptown Alliance will be working with SDOT, SIFF, and neighbors, to open the parklet early this summer. It’s a great opportunity for the community group “to provide a unique public space for Uptown and to help meet our Urban Design Framework Committee’s goals of improving the public realm, providing pedestrian amenities, and reflecting Uptown’s unique arts and culture identity.”

If you’d like to participate in the design and fundraising for the parklet, contact the Uptown Alliance. They’ll be hosting design workshops and fundraising in the very near term, in order to launch the parklet in time for summer.

The first of two design workshops is Monday, March 31 from 6:30pm to 8:30pm in the Community Room at the EXPO (100 Republican Street).  The timeline is short, so the Uptown Alliance asks that people come “prepared to express what you would like to see in an Uptown Parklet and how it could best complement and benefit the neighborhood.”

If you have any questions about the Parklet, you can contact the Uptown Alliance via email.

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Uptown Alliance meets Thursday: Lake2Bay, KEXP, and Uptown Art Walk on the agenda

March 11th, 2014 by Laura

The Uptown Alliance meets this Thursday, March 13, at 7pm in the Expo Apartments community room (100 Republican St).

uptownHere’s what’s on the agenda:

7:00–7:05 – Introductions

7:05–7:30 – Lake2Bay

7:30–7:50 – Mercer Corridor Update

7:50–8:15 – KEXP/Northwest Rooms update

8:15–8:25 – Uptown Art Walk – Queen’Anne Chamber of Commerce

8:25–8:45 – Report out

  • UDF Update – call for participation
  • UA participation on LURC, close exploratory committee
  • Thomas Street Overpass dedication update
  • Parklet application
  • Neighborhood Summit
  • District Council update

8:45–9:00 Topics of concern

9:00 – Adjourn

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Share your input on Uptown at Thursday’s community open house

November 3rd, 2013 by Laura

Uptown is changing as new developments start to go up and the Uptown Urban Center becomes a reality. A year-long planning effort is kicking off this Thursday, November 8th, with an Uptown Community Open House at the Seattle Center Pavillion (305 Thomas St).

Uptown FrameworkInput received from residents, business owners, and community organizations will help design the Urban Design Framework (UDF) for the Uptown Urban Center. Thursday’s open house is being hosted by the Department of Planning and Development and the Uptown Alliance, and they need your input, as well as your help in spreading the word about the meeting.

The Open House runs from 5:30pm to 7:30pm, and it’s open to anyone with an interest in the future of Uptown. What issues are at hand? Success for local businesses, affordable housing for renters, cyclist and pedestrian safety, transit options, the arts, potential school and library locations, and everything else that makes up a walkable, vibrant, liveable neighborhood.

Here are some key questions that’ll be on the agenda:

  • What do you love about Uptown? What do you wish was different?
  • How do you use the public spaces in Uptown?
  • What would make you use them more?
  • What role does Seattle Center play in your Uptown experience? What uses and/or services are needed in the neighborhood? What questions are we missing?

You can check out the City’s Uptown plan online and the Uptown Alliance’s Facebook page to check out the key issues and background on the Urban Center plans.

Think about what you’d like to see in a future Uptown Urban Center, and bring those ideas to Thursday’s meeting.


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Uptown Alliance meets Thursday, learn more about the Urban Design Framework and Uptown’s future

September 11th, 2013 by Laura

uptownThe Uptown Alliance is holding its monthly meeting this Thursday, September 12th, at 7pm. Anyone can attend the meeting, it’s held in the EXPO Apartments Community Room at 100 Republican St.

Here’s what’s on the agenda:

Introduction to the Uptown Urban Design Framework:
Lyle Bicknell – Urban Designer, City of Seattle
This fall, the Uptown neighborhood will begin the process of an Urban Design Framework (UDF) that will respond to the many changes happening in our community and help to shape the future of Uptown.  Lyle Bicknell will explain what this means for the Uptown neighborhood, what to expect from the UDF process, and how community members can get involved.

Counterbalance Park Lighting:
Todd Lawson, Keith Biever, Jean Sundborg
The Uptown Alliance is applying for funding to fix and replace failed lights in Counterbalance Park.  Learn how you can help support fundraising for this project.

Above key agenda items will be followed by Committee Reports and an a round-the-room discussion of issues of concern.

Mark your calendars for the next meeting, set for 7pm November 14, 2013 at the same location (EXPO Apartments Community Room at 100 Republican St).

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Discuss the proposed CVS pharmacy development at Thursday’s Uptown Alliance meeting

July 8th, 2013 by Laura

uptownYou may recall our post on the proposed development that’ll turn the existing Uptown Kidd Valley property into a CVS pharmacy – in addition to voicing your opinion at the early design review on July 17th (Queen Anne Community Center, room #1, 6:30pm), you can also attend this week’s Uptown Alliance meeting to discuss how this proposed development does or doesn’t fit into our community.

Key on the agenda is a community discussion on the proposed development at 531 Queen Anne Ave N. The Uptown Alliance will facilitate a discussion on the development, the long-range vision for the Uptown community, and the position of the organization prior to the July 17th meeting. [editor's note: updated to reflect that the DPD representative will not be discussing the CVS - it will be a community discussion]

The agenda also includes guest speaker David Goldberg, a Senior Planner with the City of Seattle Department of Planning and Development (DPD) and reports from the Uptown Triangle Planning Committee and the Urban Design Framework Committee, as well as a brainstorming session on items of concern.

The Uptown Alliance meets this Thursday at 7pm in the community room at Expo Apartments (100 Republican St). All are welcome to attend and join in on the discussion.

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Uptown Alliance meets Thursday, Puget Sound Bike Share on the agenda

May 7th, 2013 by Laura

The Uptown Alliance meets this Thursday, May 9th, at 7pm in the Community Room at EXPO (100 Republican St).

uptownA key agenda items is Puget Sound Bike Share. Executive Director Holly Houser will provide an introduction to Puget Sound Bike Share, a non-profit comprised of public and private organizations and local citizens working to bring bike sharing to King County.

Ref Lindmark, a Transportation Planner for King County Metro and board member of Puget Sound Bike Share, will update the Uptown Alliance on the King county’s perspective on implementing Bike Share in our region. He’ll also talk about projected Metro bus cuts that could affect the Uptown neighborhood.

Also on the Uptown Alliance agenda:

  • Dan Cardozo of QACC – will introduce a project for combating homelessness
  • Consideration/approval of letter to Sound Transit regarding the Ballard Extension Study
  • Committee Reports: Seattle Center Memorial Stadium Plan B, Uptown Triangle Planning, Urban Design Framework Committee, and UDF Stakeholder brainstorm

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Uptown Alliance meeting is Thursday, bring your questions for the Director of SDOT

March 13th, 2013 by Laura

The monthly Uptown Alliance meeting begins at 7pm Thursday at the EXPO Apartments community room (100 Republican St), with a tour of the EXPO building prior to the meeting at 6:30pm.

Peter Hahn, Director of Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT), is the guest for the evening, and is up first on the agenda after introductions. He’ll be available to discuss future transportation concerns that impact Uptown, such as transportation needs, rail and mass transit, new street connections west and east of Uptown, bicycle safety, street maintenance, the Uptown Greenway, and any other SDOT-related concerns. Bring your topics and questions!


  • Greetings & Introductions
  • Guest speaker: Peter Hahn, Director, SDOT
  • Motion on signatures for new BECU Uptown Alliance account
  • Round Robin of topics of concern
  • Discussion of meeting schedule for 2013
  • Committee Reports: Parks, Public Safety, Urban Design Framework
  • Adjourn

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Uptown Alliance Meets Thursday – Mercer and Bike Master Plan on the Agenda

January 9th, 2013 by Laura

The Uptown Alliance meets tomorrow, Thursday, January 10th at 7pm in the Community Room at Expo Apartments (100 Republican St). It’s an open meeting, anyone can attend.

Included on this month’s agenda:

  • Round Robin of topics of concern
  • Mercer West Project: Preview of Mercer West Project construction & mitigations, Eric Tweit, SDOT. Includes info on the major bridge construction at Mercer/Aurora.
  • Bike Master Plan: Brief review of Bike Master Plan, Uptown, as currently proposed. Comments are welcome.
  • Nominations Committee report
  • Election of officers for 2013
  • Discussion of meeting schedule for 2013
  • Future Activities/Decisions:
    • Continuing representative to Greater Queen Anne Chamber of Commerce
    • Continuing representative on Magnolia/Queen Anne District Council
    • Continuing representative on Mercer Corridor Stakeholder Group
    • Continuing representative on Downtown Seattle Assn. Public Safety Advisory Group
    • Should UA have a member on the Seattle Center Citizens’ Advisory Commission?
    • Continuing representation on Seattle Streetcar Alliance
    • Seattle Neighborhood Greenways
  • Committee Reports

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Uptown Alliance Meets Thursday – SLU Rezone and Future of Key Arena on Tap

November 7th, 2012 by Laura

The Uptown Alliance meets at 7pm on Thursday and there’s a new location forthis month’s meeting – the Uptown Alliance will convene in the Community Room at Expo Apartments, 100 Republican St.

• Greetings & Introductions
• Round Robin: topics of concern
• Affordable Housing Goals for Uptown – report by Rick Hooper
• South Lake Union Rezone – report by John Coney

- UA Endorsement is requested, please read the Rezone Summary in advance
- Proposed height limit changes in SLU scale down toward the Uptown Triangle (bounded by Denny, Broad, and Aurora)
- UA may later endorse some higher height limits in the Uptown Triangle commensurate with Space Needle views, flight patterns, and the need for more housing and jobs in the Triangle
- Recommendation will come from the UA Urban Design Framework Committee and the Triangle Planning Group

• Nominations Committee – report by Jean Sundborg
• Counterbalance Park – report by Jean Sundborg
• Downtown Public Safety letter
• Future of Key Arena – report by John Coney

- There is some funding for a study of sustainable uses for the Key after completion of the new SODO arena
- A letter from UA to Mayor and Council asks for enhanced funding for the economic study of sustainable uses for the Key and suggests participatory sports uses, if the Key can no longer serve as a concert/sports venue

• Committee Reports

The next UA meeting is January 10 at 7pm, details including meeting location to follow. For additional information, contact Rick Hooper or John Coney.

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Heads up: Uptown Alliance Clothing Exchange

September 2nd, 2012 by Elyssa

The Uptown Alliance is putting together a free clothing exchange on September 15th from 11am-3pm in Counterbalance Park (intersection of Roy & Queen Anne Ave).

For more information, contact info for Uptown Alliance can be found below.

Another FREE Clothing Exchange is coming to the Uptown Neighborhood on Saturday, September 15, 2012, from 11 AM to 3 PM in Counterbalance Park at the corner of Queen Anne Ave and Roy Street
Bring your clean, lightly used clothes and accessories to swap/trade. Musty, smoky, stinky clothes are no fun to paw through. There is no limit to the amount you bring, or to the amount you take home with you. Bring a bag to take home your treasures. If you can use it, take it. No one is required to bring something, or to take something. No money will be used; no dealers; no resales; no charities; no other organizations during the exchange hours.
This free clothing exchange is sponsored by the Uptown Alliance. Bring your contributions on the day of the exchange, when it is convenient for you. Take time to see what your neighbors have brought. Exchange ends at 3 PM. Leftovers will be donated to local thrift stores. REDUCE, REUSE, and RECYCLE. For more information, contact The Uptown Alliance at 206-283-6140 and leave a message.

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Uptown Alliance discusses alcohol issues Thursday

April 9th, 2012 by SA

The Uptown Alliance is meeting Thursday, April 12, to discuss Alcohol and the Uptown Urban Center.

Extended bar hours, alcohol impact areas, privatization of liquor sales, and Seattle’s Nightlife Initiative are all on the agenda. After a short business meeting, people from City of Seattle, Seattle Police Department, 12-step groups, local bars and restaurants, businesses, and residents will provide up-to-date information on Alcohol in Uptown in a panel discussion. The Alliance is aware of several changes that will affect the urban neighborhood and want to have a panel of people help better understand the proposals.

The Uptown Alliance is open to people who live in, operate a business in, work in, or just care about Seattle’s Uptown neighborhood. Please note: This Month’s meeting location is changed to St. Paul’s Episcopal Church at 15 Roy Street in the downstairs fellowship hall.

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Scenes from Night Out in Queen Anne

August 3rd, 2011 by Thea

Local photographer Chelsea Nesvig snapped these photos from the National Night Out block party at Counterbalance Park in Lower Queen Anne last night, and decided to share them with us.

The Uptown Alliance ran the party, revitalizing a number of popular events from years past all in the name of bringing neighbors together.

Many neighbors brought lightly used clothes to the annual free clothing exchange. All leftovers from the swap/trade event will be donated to local shelters.

Block partiers also indulged in another popular returning event – the “Bite of Uptown,” which provided free food samples from Lower Queen Anne restaurants.

The Counterbalance wishing wall gave neighbors an opportunity to share their hopes and dreams for Lower Queen Anne with each other and local organizations and non-profits.

All in all it was a great time with fun, games and community togetherness.

Check out more pics from Night Out at Counterbalance Park here. If you’d like to share pictures from your Night Out block party, email or share a link to your pictures online in the comments below.

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