Three storms, one potentially record-breaking, are headed our way

screen-shot-2016-10-12-at-1-48-24-pmIf you happened to have missed the latest news or updates, here’s an important heads up: there are three powerful storms heading our way, with the third one on Saturday possibly making history.

The colorful Autumn leaves you see on the trees around Queen Anne may not last, so get out today to enjoy them…

Here’s Cliff Mass’ assessment of the Saturday storm:

“A true monster storm, potentially as strong as the most powerful storm in NW history (the Columbus Day Storm of 1962) will be approaching our area on Saturday.”

Storm One: arrives late this evening (Wednesday) and continues into Thursday. Expect heavy rain  (1-2 inches) and wind gusts 30-40 mph in Seattle.

Storm Two: Friday will be rainy & breezy.

Storm Three: The “Monster Storm” arrives on Saturday. Expect 30-50 mph gusts in Seattle and per Cliff Mass, it could change course: “If the models are wrong and the storm’s track heads further east, Puget Sound could get a very major hit with massive power outages and damage. This is a very dangerous storm.”

Be prepared for the storms in advance:

Let’s hope the storms end up being typical October weather… but, Cliff Mass is usually right. You can read his full forecast here.

Fire at Broad Street substation takes out power around Seattle Center

At 10:05am today a fire broke out at Seattle City Light’s Broad Street substation. The fire knocked out power in areas around the Seattle Center. 325 customers are without power due to the fire, including the Space Needle, EMP, Key Arena and Seattle Center.

According to Seattle City Light: “Fire happened in a capacitor bank, which regulates the quality of power flow.”

Here’s the current outage map:

SCL Broad St outage

Power out along 6th Ave W, restoration estimate now 7:28pm

UPDATE: Seattle City Light has updated the outage status – cause is “tree” and estimated restoration has been pushed to 7:28pm.

Let’s all cross fingers that the afternoon is uneventful for those of us on Queen Anne with power – and hope that the 143 residents without power along 6th Ave W get it back early, so they can watch the Seahawks game.

(note that Targy’s is the nearest bar showing the game if you live along 6th W – looks like they missed the outage by a few blocks).

Seahawks kickoff is at 1:35pm, estimated up-time for the biggest power outage on Queen Anne is 3:16pm.

There are two other outages, each affecting one customer. One near Queen Anne Ave N and Highland, the other at 14th Ave W and Bertona.

With rain, wind, grauple, and even thunder/lightning, it’s been a wild start to the day!

Power outage on Lower Queen Anne near Mercer

UPDATE: SCL now has an estimated restoration time of 5:47pm

Power is out to 483 customers right now around Mercer Pl and W Mercer St west of 3rd Ave W. Cause is undetermined per Seattle City Light, power estimated to be restored by 4:40pm.

Power Outage 092813

Stunning photograph of thunderstorm that knocked out power on Queen Anne

A bit of a night owl, I was up last night when the powerful thunderstorm cell I’d been tracking via tweets from KOMO’s Scott Sistek hit Seattle. We were closing in on the end of a movie when the power went out. And, lesson learned, my phone was nearly dead, with barely enough juice to look up the outage (which affected 3883 people on Queen Anne and in Magnolia). So, no posts to Queen Anne View or updates to Twitter (and lesson learned).

Now, it’s the morning after and pictures of the storm are plentiful – and this one may be one of the most striking (no pun intended… ok, maybe a little):

Seattle Lighning AntMay

Photo courtesy of Anthony May

Photographer Anthony May captured this amazing image of lightning over the Space Needle. May posted the photo on Twitter, stating “[I’ve] lived here my whole life and never seen anything this intense.” The photo has been making the rounds online, and trended on Twitter.

Power out in part of Lower Queen Anne and SLU

Update as of 10:00am: All Queen Anne and SLU power has been restored.

Update as of 8:50am: According to SCL, most customers in South Lake Union have power back (note: not all, and there’s a small pocket on East Queen Anne now too). Earlier outage was caused by a construction crew that “inadvertently cut through feeder”.

My power has flickered 4 times in the past hour, going out briefly but coming back – however, parts of Lower Queen Anne and South Lake Union haven’t been so lucky. Power has been out since about 7:30am to 2,212 SCL customers. The outage is affecting traffic lights, so taking Mercer to I-5 will be even more challenging than usual.

See the map below for affected areas – estimated up time is 9:45am.