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LOST DOG: Yellow Lab near 7-way stop – FOUND & at Vet

September 30th, 2015 by Laura Fonda

7 Way StopUPDATE: the Yellow Lab has been found, and is receiving care at the vet.

Today around 3pm, two dogs got loose near the 7-way stop. One is home, the other is still missing and injured. The missing dog is a female Yellow Lab and was hit by a car.

The owners just moved to Queen Anne this week, so the dog is likey scared and confused.

Please check your yards and garages for a Yellow Lab. If you see the dog, please call Cheri at 206 276 4350.

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LOST DOG: Beagle lost on Lower Queen Anne – FOUND!

September 28th, 2015 by Laura Fonda

ellieUPDATE: Ellie was found hiding in someone’s backyard, thank you to all who helped look for her!

Second lost pet of the day, this time, a female beagle last seen near Queen Anne Ave N, heading toward Mercer St:

“Ellie is a 4-5 year old female beagle. Someone came up to pet her, Ellie got spooked, and she took off running. My sister and her husband have been looking for her all morning, but haven’t had any luck finding her yet. She is on the loose with her collar, harness, and leash on.  She is chipped. She is skittish, and doesn’t respond very well to her name. If she is found, please contact her owners at (425) 870-5959 or (206) 310-1632.”


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UPDATE: LOST DOG: Black Shih Tzu near Big Howe Park – FOUND

September 22nd, 2015 by Laura Fonda

Stanley Lost Dog UPDATE: Stan was found this morning, just a few minutes ago. He is now home safe and sound with his people, thanks to all who looked for him!

Stanley, a black Shih Tzu, went missing tonight (Tuesday, September 22nd) from Big Howe Park around 9pm. He has a blue retractable leash on. He responds to Stan.

Keep an eye near and around Big Howe Park.


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UPDATE: Pug found near 7-Way Stop is home

July 30th, 2015 by Laura Fonda

Pug 1UPDATE: Audrey the Pug is now home safe & sound. Thanks to all who helped connect the dots and get her home!

A reader wrote us this morning to let us know that a pug was wandering around the 7-way last night. She wasn’t wearing a collar, and after waiting around for an owner to show up, the reader took the dog home.

The person who found the dog is taking her to the vet to check for a chip today.

If this is your dog, or know who she belongs to, please call (206)306-5842 or (206)778-5906.

Pug 3 Pug 2

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FOUND! Black & White lab mix near Lower Kinnear Park

July 20th, 2015 by Laura Fonda

HuxleyUPDATE: Huxley has been FOUND! Thanks to a Queen Anne View reader, Huxley was reunited with his owner. Thanks to all who looked for Huxley!


Huxley was spotted at several locations on Upper Queen Anne, most recently at 7th  Ave W and Blaine. He may be injured, possibly hit by a car, and ran away from animal control. If anyone sees him please do not approach just call his owner at 206.579.3995.

A reader’s dog escaped from Lower Kinnear Park this morning (Monday) around 11:30am. He is microchipped.

Huxley is a large male lab mix with black and white spots. He is both dog and people friendly and may respond to “do you want a treat?”

Please call 206.579.3995 with any information.

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FOUND DOG: Young female pit mix near SPU

March 17th, 2015 by Laura Fonda

WP_20150316_07_38_21_ProA reader found a dog on the Burke Gilman Trail near SPU yesterday (Monday) morning. The dog doesn’t have a collar or microchip, so no way to contact her owner.

Here’s the description of the dog:

She’s a young female (appears to be 1.5 – 2 years old) who’s had a litter of puppies somewhat recently. She’s a short-hair Pit mix (looks to be mixed with black lab and, potentially, Rottweiler), medium size (estimate 45 lbs) and is mostly black with white toes, a white tip on her tail, brown eye brows and bits of brown fur on her face and legs.  She was not wearing a collar and has no microchip.


If this is your dog, or you know her owner, please send an email and help get her home.

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LOST DOG: Sheltie lost on Lower Queen Anne

January 21st, 2015 by Laura Fonda

Lost Dog sheltieLeroy is a Sheltie lost on Queen Anne. Flyers have been posted on both Upper and Lower Queen Anne (how we found out), and according to the flyer, he is wearing a collar and leash, and was last seen yesterday, Tuesday, January 20th.

At this time, we don’t have any additional information on cross-streets or other specifics. If you see Leroy, please contact the number on the flyer – 503-338-8090.

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FOUND DOG: Young Pit Bull-Lab mix near 5th Ave N & Newton

December 19th, 2014 by Laura Fonda

Found Dog 121914A pit bull/chocolate lab mix was found near 5th Ave N and Newton St. The person who found him took him to the vet to be scanned for a chip, but while he’s chipped, he’s not registered.

He has a blue bandana and camouflague collar, but he has no tags.

At the vet, he weighed in at 42 pounds and was estimated to be 4-5 months old.

If you have any information on this dog or his owner, contact Kevin at 253-217-2400 or Kelsey at 253-886-1779.

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UPDATE: FOUND Chocolate Lab on Upper Queen Anne

December 12th, 2014 by Laura Fonda

Gus lost dogUPDATE: Gus has been found! Thank you!

Gus is an escape artist. Not long ago, he got out of his yard from his new Queen Anne home, and he’s done it again.

Last time, he was quickly found thanks to our tweet and Facebook posting. Before he went missing this morning, Gus was last seen near 5th Ave W and W Raye St.

Keep your eyes peeled for this chocolate lab. If you spot Gus or find him, please call or text 919.270.2146.

Let’s hope Gus is found as quickly as last time.

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UPDATE: LOST DOG: French Bulldog-Chihuahua mix lost near Queen Anne Library

October 26th, 2014 by Laura Fonda

UPDATE: Oli has been found! Thanks to all who looked for him!


Last night’s windstorm spooked this poor foster dog – contact info below is you see him:

Lost Dog OliOli got scared in the storm last night and ran off. He was last seen near Queen Anne library at W Blaine St and 5th Ave W on Saturday 10/25 at 11:10pm.

He is a fawn and white French bulldog chihuahua mix, male, weighs 17 lbs, 2 years old. Please check under decks, sheds, etc as he might be scared and hiding.

Please call/text with any sightings or info 206-228-9849 or 910-988-5281. Please share! Thanks!

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LOST DOG and 4th of July reminder

July 4th, 2014 by Laura Fonda

We already have a report of a dog sighted running down Boston St sans owner at 2:30pm today:

“Little grey whippet/Italian greyhound with a royal blue collar (no tags from what I could see) running east on Boston from Queen Anne North – top of QA Hill”

The reader tried to catch the pup, but was unsuccessful. If this is your dog or if you’ve been able to catch this dog, let us know. (and, if it’s your dog, please provide your contact info)

This instance is a good reminder – with today’s activities and tonight’s fireworks, dogs can be easily spooked and run. Please make sure to secure your pets (cats too) tonight.

July 4th pet safety tips are available online. Most relevant to our neighborhood’s pets:

  • keep your pets indoors today/tonight
  • make sure your pet has identification – collar/tags and microchips

Henry QACC dogIf your pet escapes this holiday weekend, we can post your “lost pet” notice. Just be sure to include:

  • pet’s name
  • pet’s description – the more detailed the better (not just the breed – a description)
  • pet’s photo – if you don’t have one, now’s the time to take a pet “mug shot” for missing flyers
  • your contact info – how you want people to contact you
  • where last seen – cross-streets (e.g. “near Boston St and Queen Anne Ave N)
  • for street names, please be sure to let us know if numbered streets are W or N streets (e.g. 2nd Ave W)
  • relevant info on pet’s behavior (e.g. “skittish of people”, “loves other dogs”)

Let’s keep Queen Anne pets safe this weekend and all year!

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LOST DOG: East Queen Anne – FOUND!

June 30th, 2014 by Laura Fonda

Lost Dog Zoe

EDITED as of Tuesday, 7/1 – Zoe has been found! Thanks to all who looked for her and posted where they last saw her!


Lost dog last seen at Lynn St and 2nd Ave N, heading toward Boston. Tan female dog, 32 pounds.

Zoe is skittish, so if you see her, do not chase her. Lure her with food.

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