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LOST CAT: Indoor tabby cat lost near 13th Ave W – FOUND!

September 28th, 2015 by Laura Fonda

Lost Cat SigiUPDATE: Sigi has been found and is home safe & sound. Thank you to all who helped look for him!

Sigi is a lost large tabby cat who went missing on 13th Ave W between Barrett St and Armour St. Sigi is an indoor-only cat, so he’s not wearing a collar.

He got out late last night (Sunday night), so if you live in the vicinity, be sure to check your garages, carports, and under decks for Sigi.

If you have seen Sigi or find him, contact his owner via phone at 541-231-2385.

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UPDATE: LOST CAT Indoor Abyssinian cat lost near W Crockett & 10th Ave W

July 31st, 2015 by Laura Fonda

Lost Cat CassieUPDATE: Cassie has been found and is home safe & sound. Thanks to all who looked for her!

A reader wrote us this morning about her lost indoor cat. Cassie is an indoor-only so has no collar or chip. She fell out of a second-floor window last night when a screen failed, and hasn’t been seen since.

Cassie is a 10 lb Red Abyssinian cat.  She might be injured from the fall and taking shelter in a hiding place near her home. If you live near W Crockett St between 10th Ave W and 11th Ave W, please check garages, carports, under decks, and in yards for Cassie.

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LOST CAT: Outdoor cat missing near 2nd Ave W & W Howe St

June 11th, 2015 by Laura Fonda

Scout is an outdoor kitty who’s been missing since Monday, June 8th. Here’s the info from her owner:

ScoutScout has been missing since June 8, 2015. She is a small, approximately 9 lbs, short-haired, greyish-brown and white tabby with one green eye and one blue eye.

She was last seen on Queen Anne Hill in Seattle on 2nd Ave W and W Howe St by Big Howe Park.

If you live on Queen Anne, please be on the lookout for Scout. Check your basements, garages, under your decks, etc.

I will provide a reward for Scout’s return home. She is a very important member of our family. Please contact Mary at 206-915-7328 via call or text at anytime.

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UPDATE: FOUND: White and grey cat lost near 2nd Ave N & Florentia

May 18th, 2015 by Laura Fonda

MimiUPDATE: Mimi has found her way home, thanks to all who looked for her.

Another lost kitty this week. This time, an indoor-outdoor cat who lives near 2nd Ave N and Florentia St, and has been at this home for a year. If you live in this area of Queen Anne, keep an eye out for her in garages and under decks.

Mimi is 4 years old. She rarely wanders too far and always checks in. Here are the key description items from her owner:

  • White and gray colored and has a bit of a fat sack that hangs from her belly
  • She is the friendliest cat you would ever meet
  • She never wanders too far but she has not come home in over 24 hours, which is EXTREMELY rare.
  • She has a light blue collar around her neck (no name on the tag however) a
  • Shorter haired cat.

If you see Mimi, contact Jennifer at 253-653-9146.

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FOUND: Black and white Persian mix near 5th Ave W and Highland

May 16th, 2015 by Laura Fonda

UPDATE: Gracie has been found, thank you!

Gracie got lost in a move from one part of Queen Anne to another, so keep your eyes out across Upper Queen Anne for her.

Gracie is a 10 year-old petite black and white Persian mix. She was recently treated at the Queen Anne Animal Clinic for a sore by her tail. She’s friendly, but likely scared from the move chaos.

She was last seen on 5th Ave W between W Comstock and Highland. Her family just moved from the area near the P-Patch on Lynn St to the home on 5th Ave W.

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LOST CAT: Tuxedo kitty missing near Queen Anne Ave N and McGraw

October 1st, 2014 by Laura Fonda

If you live near the intersection of Queen Anne Ave N and McGraw St, keep an eye out for Sia. Check your garages and under decks, as she may be hiding. Here’s more info from her owner:

SiaSia is a black & white “tuxedo” cat, female, who is very friendly and curious.

She was last seen around 7:30pm on September 29th near the NW corner of Queen Anne Ave and W McGraw St.

She was wearing a aquamarine/green collar with tags that contain our phone numbers.

Sia is an indoor/outdoor cat and may be injured/spooked and hiding under a neighbor’s deck. in a garage/shed, or even up a tree.
If found, please contact Kianoush Naficy at 206.931.7711 or via

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UPDATE: Lost indoor grey and white cat near 14th Ave W

April 17th, 2014 by Laura Fonda

UPDATE: Porkchop has been found and is home safe and sound!

If you live near The Belvedere Apartments at 3425 14th Ave W on northwest Queen Anne, keep an eye out for missing kitty Porkchop. I’ve been without internet access for the past 3 days, so just got the heads up. Porkchop went missing on Monday. Here’s the info from Porkchop’s owner:

My cat Porkchop disappeared from my 3rd-story apartment [The Belvedere Apartments - 3425 14th Ave. W, 98119] and I need all the help I can get in finding her. She may have escaped from the apartment when my boyfriend returned from work around 8:30am. [note: Monday, April 14th at 8:30am]
She is a 6-year old grey and white long-haired female with “tuxedo” coloring. Her front claws have been removed and she is missing several of her teeth. She is a very friend cat in small spaces, but skittish in new environments. She is an indoor cat and has a microchip, but doesn’t wear a collar.
Porkchop 2 Porkchop 1

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LOST: White cat near Queen Anne Library

March 31st, 2014 by Laura Fonda

A cat that lives near the Queen Anne Library on 4th Ave W between Garfield and Galer streets has been missing since Sunday afternoon. If you live nearby, check your garages, sheds, and under decks for Binky – and if you walk to/from the Library, keep an eye out.

binky in cat box  Back Camera

Here’s Binky’s info from his owner:

Binky is a 5 year old white domestic shorthaired male with blue eyes.  He has a chip but no collar.  He is an indoor/outdoor cat and has been missing since Sunday afternoon.  He is pretty well-known among passers by on their way to the QA library, and usually hangs out near our home on 4th Ave West between Garfield and Galer Streets (close to the library).

Binky has been known to “visit” neighbors’ homes, darting into the occasional open door.  We’re curious whether he possibly got spooked by a dog, ran into a crawlspace/basement/garage, and got trapped?  A neighbor of ours found someone’s missing cat in her basement after several days. The kids are really hopeful–Binky usually sleeps with our 9 year old.
If you see Binky, contact the Virzi family via voice or text at 206-409-5687 or email

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Lost Cat: Tortiseshell Cat on North Queen Anne

March 23rd, 2014 by Laura Fonda

JackPhotoJack is a female cat who’s missing from a North Queen Anne home. Primarily an indoor cat, Jack got outside on Saturday night and hasn’t returned yet. Her home is near W. Newell St and 5th Ave W.

Jack is a senior cat who has some respiratory issues, so she may be hiding somewhere in the blocks near her home. She’s a dilute tortiseshell cat with a white patch on her chest and white feet. Her front feet are declawed and she’s not wearing a collar.

If you live in the surrounding blocks, check your garages and keep an eye out for Jack. If you see her, please contact her owners at or 206-321-7812.

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Update to FOUND: Calico kitty on East Queen Anne

February 22nd, 2014 by Laura Fonda

UPDATE: kitty’s owner has been found, thanks to a microchip. PSA: microchip your pets!

A resident found a female, declawed calico cat this afternoon on East Queen Anne. It is most likely an indoor kitty since it’s declawed and wandered into a house near 4th Ave N and Smith St.

If you recognize this cat, contact Katie via email.

lost kitty 2 022114 lost kitty 022114

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Is this cat lost? If so, he’s been found!

June 9th, 2013 by Laura Fonda

lost cat

A reader has contacted us about a very friendly black and white kittty that has shown up at her door with no collar or identification. He or she has been hanging out around Blaine and 7th Ave W, and is eager to come inside, visiting both front and back porches.

Since it’s the beginning of missing cat season (aka it’s warm, windows are opened sans screens, cats are curious), maybe this kitty escaped to explore and hasn’t found its way home.

If you know this cat – or have been looking for him – contact Diana at or 206.794.7886.

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Dilly is Now Home: Help Find Dilly! Lost Indoor Cat

January 8th, 2013 by Laura Fonda

UPDATE: Dilly found her way home early this morning! She is no longer lost, but instead safe and warm in her home.

Dilly is an indoor-only cat that got out on Sunday, January 6th. She ran outside and toward the wooded ravine area near Warren Ave N and Queen Anne Drive.

She’s never been outside, so please be on the lookout for her, especially if you live in the surrounding blocks. She responds to her name, but since this is her first venture outside, she may be hiding, so check your garages, under decks/porches, and wooded areas.

Dilly is a small spayed female, mostly grey with tan and a bit of white on her face. She has bright green eyes and responds to her name. Since she’s indoor-only, she isn’t wearing a collar.

Update 1/10 – Dilly is home!

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