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New Queen Anne Little Free Library is number 25

March 22nd, 2015 by Laura Fonda

LFL 3rd Ave W and SmithIf you’re looking for a creative group walk or bike ride this Spring, consider a Queen Anne Little Free Library tour – we now have 25 Little Free Libraries on Queen Anne, and pretty much whatever part of the neighborhood you find yourself in, you’re not too far from an LFL.

I spotted the newest Little Free Library on a sunny walk yesterday. It’s at the corner of Smith and 3rd Ave W, and as I was documenting it (aka photographing it while keeping my dog patiently waiting), a patron stopped by and took a book as she walked down the hill toward SPU. It has a pretty robust selection of contemporary fiction and sits along a high-traffic walking route for SPU students and residents alike.

The current map is below, and photos of all 25 LFLs are in our LFL gallery.

Queen Anne LFL Map March 2015

If you have an organization or group that puts together a tour de LFLs, let us know. And, as always, if you if you spot a Little Free Library that isn’t on our map, or add one of your own, let us know! Happy reading!

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New Little Free Library brings Queen Anne tally up to 23

November 2nd, 2014 by Laura Fonda

Two weeks ago, we posted about a new kid-focused Little Free Library that was number 22 on our map. As always, we put out the call to readers to keep an eye out for LFLs we may have missed – and, a tip came in that day about another LFL (thanks, Justin!).

It took a while to get this LFL posted as the Fall weather just wasn’t cooperating for a trek to track it down. But, we’ve finally captured it on the map and uploaded it to our LFL gallery.

This LFL helps fill in a long-empty gap on the southwest side of the hill. Its paint matches the steward’s house, and per a reader on Facebook, the artwork is a Coast Salish Native American design. Plus, it sits next to a very-cool lamppost. You can find this LFL at the corner of 3rd Ave W and W Lee St:

LFL 3rd Ave W and Lee

And, as always, a call to readers – if you spot a Little Free Library that isn’t on our map, or add one of your own, let us know! The current map is below, and photos of all 23 LFLs are in our LFL gallery.

LFL Map 110214

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Queen Anne’s newest Little Free Library is kid-friendly and number 22 on the map

October 20th, 2014 by Laura Fonda

It’s been a while since I spotted a new Little Free Library, but on a dismal Sunday after the Seahawks’ loss, a colorful LFL caught my eye. Unless I’ve missed an LFL – which is possible since much of September I was out-of-commission – this LFL is number 22 for Queen Anne.

Located on 1st Ave N at Lynn St, you can’t miss the cheery multi-colored LFL.

LFL 1st Ave N

This particular LFL is billed as a “Kids Edition” and is sponsored by Queen Anne Kids Preschool. In addition to being well-stocked with books, the newest LFL has children’s literary characters such as Curious George and Maisy Mouse adorning the sides and top of the box.

LFL 1st Ave N sign

And, as always, a call to readers – if you spot a LFL that isn’t on our map, or add one of your own, let us know! The current map is below, and photos of all 22 LFLs are in our LFL gallery.

LFL Map 102014

Also, I’ve noticed that several of our Queen Anne Little Free Libraries are running low on books. If you have books that need a home, consider dropping them off at a LFL. (If you have kids’ books, the Howe St LFL seems really low on supply.)

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Vandalized Queen Anne Little Free Library featured on KOMO

July 2nd, 2014 by Laura Fonda

Last Friday, we published a post on the first Queen Anne Little Free Library, and how it fell victim to vandals overnight. On Monday, a reporter from KOMO asked us to connect the station with the LFL steward so they could run a story on the vandalism.

The segment aired on last night’s KOMO news broadcast, and since then, we’ve already received an email from a local Vietnam veteran who’s offered to fix the LFL for free. The vandalism is only part of the story, the LFL is a memorial to the steward’s late husband, who served as a helicopter pilot in Vietnam.

If you happen to find the message book that the vandals ripped off the LFL, please let us know. It includes hand-written messages to the LFL that are irreplaceable.

Click below to see the KOMO feature:


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Queen Anne’s first Little Free Library falls prey to vandalism

June 27th, 2014 by Laura Fonda

Queen Anne is a great place for Little Free Libraries – loved by our community, each with its own personality. So, get ready to get mad… someone vandalized our neighborhood’s first LFL on 2nd Ave W last night.

In the before and after pictures of the side of the LFL, you can see that the little window message box that held the journal was torn off, along with the trim surrounding it.

LFL vandalism before


LFL Vandalism after


To add insult to injury, they also knocked over a birdbath planter in the garden space surrounding the LFL.

LFL garden vandalismThe LFL steward will restore the library. This particular LFL has significance beyond book-sharing, it’s also a memorial to the steward’s late husband.

If you find the missing message box, please let us know and we’ll get you in touch with the owner.

A police report will be filed today. In addition to last night’s vandalism, the steward and her neighbor both had items stolen off their front porches back on June 5.

Sadly, the warmer weather seems to coincide with an uptick in crimes on Queen Anne. We’re putting together a June crime roundup based on SPD reports. If you have been the victim of a crime, let us know. All tips will remain anonymous.

Please remember: report all crimes both large and small to SPD. For crimes like car prowls and items stolen from porches/backyards, you can use the online SPD tool to report it. As always, if you see a crime in progress or suspicious activity, call 911.

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Planning a Little Free Library? Enter the Architecture for Humanity LFL competition

June 23rd, 2014 by Laura Fonda

LFL Map 051814Queen Anne is home to 21 Little Free Libraries, but there’s always room for more! This summer, LFL creators can enter the Architecture for Humanity Seattle’s Libraries on the Loose design competition. The competition is open to individuals, teams, and businesses across Seattle. Wouldn’t it be great to see a Queen Anne LFL win?

If you’re interested in entering the competition, you need to first register with Architects Without Borders – Seattle. Then, design, build, install, and submit documentation for your LFL to compete against other Seattle LFLs. Additionally, you’ll need to submit digital and physical documentation of the LFL.

Some tips – the maximum budget cannot exceed $150, and additional criteria include adaptability, assembly, community, and creativity.

Details on submission requirements are available online, and you can send any questions to the organizers via email.

LFL GalerKey dates to keep in mind:

  • Registration Deadline – August 1st
  • Submissions Deadline – August 27th at 1pm
  • Judging – September 6th
  • Winners Announced: Grand Prize – September 6th; People’s Choice – September 14th
  • Exhibits: September 6th – 7th during the Seattle Design Festival’s Design Block and September 13th – 14th during the Seattle Design Festival Conference

If you’ve been on the fence about becoming a Little Free Library steward, here’s your opportunity to showcase your creativity and our neighborhood. If you enter the competition, be sure to let us know (and send photos!).

Edited for correction: contest is sponsored by Architecture for Humanity Seattle.

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Queen Anne Little Free Libraries hit the roaring twenties

May 18th, 2014 by Laura Fonda

It’s been a little over a month since a new Little Free Library popped up on Queen Anne, and since the last one was #19, it seemed like 20 might be a tough milestone to hit.

But, thanks to Queen Anne Presbyterian Church, our LFLs are now firmly in the twenties! The church has not one, but two new LFLs, bringing our neighborhood total to 21.

Up first is the LFL on 5th Ave W, in front of the church. It’s stocked with adult books, both fiction and non-fiction:

LFL 5th Ave W QAPC

And, here’s #21, an LFL with a focus on children’s books. Not only is this LFL kid-specific, but the inaugural stocking of books was done by Queen Anne Presbyterian kids:


And, as always, a call to readers – if you spot a LFL that isn’t on our map, or add one of your own, let us know! The current map is below, and photos of all 21 LFLs are in our LFL gallery.

LFL Map 051814

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Queen Anne now home to 19 Little Free Libraries – who will help us hit 20?

April 6th, 2014 by Laura Fonda

We are so close to hitting 20 Little Free Libraries on Queen Anne! A little over a week ago, we got a tip via Twitter about a Little Free Library (LFL) on Queen Anne. It wasn’t one that we’d cataloged already in our online gallery or map – so I headed out with the pup to check it out in person.

The newest LFL is nestled just a few houses away from Mount Pleasant Cemetery on W Armour St, filling in a gap on the map between the LFL south of Rodgers Park and the LFL on northwest Queen Anne on Etruria St.

LFL Armour

Speaking of gaps, what’s up with southwest Queen Anne – are there really no LFLs west of Queen Anne Ave N and south of Galer St? I have yet to see one, but since I travel by foot, it’s easy to miss a new one popping up. As always, if you have a LFL, spot one that’s not on our map, or add one of your own, let us know!

The map is below, and photos of all 19 LFLs are in our LFL gallery.

LFL Map 040614

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New Little Free Library is Queen Anne’s 18th LFL

February 26th, 2014 by Laura Fonda

We’re closing in on twenty Little Free Libraries (LFLs) on Queen Anne – surely that’s a Seattle neighborhood record? As always, if you have a LFL, spot one that’s not on our map, or add one of your own, let us know! The map is below, and photos of all 18 LFLs are in our LFL gallery.

The newest Little Free Library is at approximately 3612 12th Ave W, the house number is actually an 11th Ave W address, but the LFL is on the east side of 12th Ave W. The LFL’s steward wrote us to let us know about it, and shared some info on it as well.

First up, here’s the LFL itself, built by Seattle Urban Farm Co:

LFL 12th Ave

And, here’s some of the story behind it – you’ll notice the little dedication plaque for Hugo, just below the door. Hugo is the stewards’ Wire-Haired Fox Terrier who they lost last year after 17 loyal years.

LFL 12th Ave Plaque 2  LFL dog

According to the stewards, they hope the LFL will be a “a great way to interact with neighbors” and they’re hoping to add to the collection with something for everyone. It’s certainly a nice anchor on our map in NW Queen Anne!

LFL Map 022514

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Newest Little Free Library brings Queen Anne total to 17

December 19th, 2013 by Laura Fonda

Over the weekend, a reader wrote in to let us know that they are the newest Little Free Library stewards on Queen Anne. This new LFL is at 211 Howe St, near Little Howe Park and the East Queen Anne playfield – a perfect location for this particular LFL. Why? The focus of this LFL is children’s books:

“Our LFL features beloved children’s books for children of all ages. We hope community members will help build our library by sharing children’s books that they love and that they will become regular patrons of our LFL.”

LFL Howe

As with all new LFLs, it can use a few books to build up a collection for sharing. If you have any children’s books you’re looking to swap out or donate, feel free to drop them off.

The map and gallery have been updated with all 17 LFLs on Queen Anne. The map (with photos) of the Queen Anne LFLs is below – click to navigate around the LFLs. The photo gallery also has pictures of all 17. Thanks to everyone who helps keep our LFL list up-to-date. And, if you know of a LFL that we’ve missed, let us know!

LFL Map 121513

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Queen Anne Little Free Library count now at 16

November 24th, 2013 by Laura Fonda

Just a little over a year ago, Queen Anne had only two Little Free Libraries. We’ve been posting on new LFLs since then, and wow, they have multiplied! Since that first October 2012 post, we’ve tracked LFLs via spotting them around Queen Anne, reader tips, and owner emails, and Queen Anne now has 16 LFLs!

A year ago, double-digits seemed like a distant goal, and now we’re closing in on 20 LFLs. Perhaps the most in any Seattle neighborhood? If you’re interested in setting up your own LFL, check out the info here on setting one up and becoming a LFL steward. Let’s see if we can hit 20 or even more!

First up for our new LFLs is one at 444 Smith St. We actually captured this one back in September, but were busy searching for one near Bertona St too (if you know where the Bertona one is, please let us know). It’s located near the dead end of Smith St on East Queen Anne. If you’re on your way to or from the 7 way stop on 4th N, it’s practically on the way:

 LFL Smith St

Next up, a couple of LFLs I discovered on walks around the neighborhood. One sits directly across from Big Howe Park at 1811 3rd Ave W, the other at 1525 1st Ave N, just a block away from the businesses along Queen Anne Ave. So, whether you’ve found a sunny spot for reading at the park or want to stop by and pick up a book while shopping, you have options:

LFL 3rd Ave W LFL 1st Ave N

And, finally, the newest LFL on Queen Anne – it’s at 1821 9th Ave W, and its owner sent us the photo just this weekend. As you can see from the photo, it’s super-new, and needs some books! Stop by this new LFL if you have a book or two to share with the neighborhood:

 LFL 9th Ave W

The map (with photos) of the Queen Anne LFLs is below – click to navigate around the 16 LFLs. We’ve also updated the photo gallery with pictures of all of them. Thanks to everyone who helps keep our LFL list up-to-date. And, if you know of a LFL that we’ve missed, let us know!

Queen Anne LFL Map 112313

Past posts on other Queen Anne LFLs:
2531 2nd Ave W
510 Galer Street & 10 Raye Street
Garfield & 10th Ave W
Blaine & 8th Ave W and Etruria
4th Ave N & Hayes
10th Ave W & McGraw
Bigelow & Garfield and Aloha St
McGraw & 1st N and Boston & 2nd Ave W

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Queen Anne Little Free Libraries now at an even dozen

August 14th, 2013 by Laura Fonda

Back in June when we last updated our Little Free Libraries map, we were one LFL short of a dozen. A reader on Facebook tipped us to the twelfth – a LFL on 2nd Ave W that we’d missed. You can check out this LFL between Raye St and Smith St, it’s posted just above a white picket fence:

 LFL 2nd W & Raye

With the addition of #12, the map is now updated as well:

 Queen Anne LFLs 081013

You can check out all 12 LFLs in our online gallery, and if you spot one that’s not listed, or plan to become a steward of a new one, let us know!

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