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Queen Anne now home to 19 Little Free Libraries – who will help us hit 20?

April 6th, 2014 by Laura

We are so close to hitting 20 Little Free Libraries on Queen Anne! A little over a week ago, we got a tip via Twitter about a Little Free Library (LFL) on Queen Anne. It wasn’t one that we’d cataloged already in our online gallery or map – so I headed out with the pup to check it out in person.

The newest LFL is nestled just a few houses away from Mount Pleasant Cemetery on W Armour St, filling in a gap on the map between the LFL south of Rodgers Park and the LFL on northwest Queen Anne on Etruria St.

LFL Armour

Speaking of gaps, what’s up with southwest Queen Anne – are there really no LFLs west of Queen Anne Ave N and south of Galer St? I have yet to see one, but since I travel by foot, it’s easy to miss a new one popping up. As always, if you have a LFL, spot one that’s not on our map, or add one of your own, let us know!

The map is below, and photos of all 19 LFLs are in our LFL gallery.

LFL Map 040614

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Celebrate National Poetry Month with a reading by Martha Silano at Queen Anne Book Company

April 5th, 2014 by Laura

April is National Poetry Month, and local indie bookstore Queen Anne Book Company is hosting Martha Silano, winner of the Saturnalia Books Poetry Prize, this Tuesday, April 8th at 7pm for a poetry reading.

SilanoThe author of three previous collections of poetry – including the 2010 Saturnalia Books Poetry Prize winner, The Little Office of the Immaculate Conception – Silano will be reading from her new book of poetry, Reckless Lovely.

The new collection begins with The Big Bang and ends with twelve million bees released from a jack-knifed semi truck. The poetic travels in between include Renaissance masterworks, amusement parks, the peregrine, the paramecium, and more.

If you can’t make Tuesday’s reading, you can contact Queen Anne Book Company for a signed copy via phone at 206-284-2427 or their web site.

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Happy Birthday, Queen Anne Book Company

February 28th, 2014 by Laura

QABC SignQueen Anne Book Company is turning one year old this Saturday, March 1st. And to celebrate its first anniversary, the shop is hosting an Open House from 3-5pm on Saturday.

It’s a well-deserved celebration too – as quick refresher, Queen Anne Books abruptly closed and Queen Anne neighbors were stunned. Last January, QABC owners Krijn de Jonge, Judy de Jonge, and Janis Segress partnered to bring back a local, independent bookstore to Queen Anne, and they opened the doors on March 1, 2013.

The past year has been eventful for the shop, with author readings and Sherman Alexie taking on the role of bookseller-for-a-day. Alexie returned months later with more authors to support QABC and independent booksellers around the world with Indies First – an idea that began right here on Queen Anne, at QABC.

QABC doorwayQABC has also partnered with other local businesses, including Cederberg Tea House, El Diablo Coffee Co, and Lloyd Martin – and hosted children’s book readings at Twirl Café.

To thank its loyal customers, QABC is giving away free advance reader copies and book totes with purchases of $50 or more on Saturday. Plus, what would a birthday party be without cake? No party at all! (so, yes, there will be cake and refreshments)

The party is not just to celebrate QABC, but also the loyal customers who’ve supported the shop over the past year and who will keep it going in the future. According to store manager/co-owner Janis Segress, it all comes down to the customers that have supported QABC in its inaugural year:

“We’re here because of our customers. Not a day goes by without one of our customers remarking how relieved they are that their bookstore is back.”

Co-owner Krijn de Jonge also echoed the customer centric nature of QABC:

“At the end of the day, our strong connections to our customers are what’s vital to our business. Our booksellers know their customers, they help them choose books, they call them when new titles release. It’s the customer service that matters most.”

Stop by on Saturday to congratulate Queen Anne Book Company on their first year! Happy Birthday, QABC!

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New Little Free Library is Queen Anne’s 18th LFL

February 26th, 2014 by Laura

We’re closing in on twenty Little Free Libraries (LFLs) on Queen Anne – surely that’s a Seattle neighborhood record? As always, if you have a LFL, spot one that’s not on our map, or add one of your own, let us know! The map is below, and photos of all 18 LFLs are in our LFL gallery.

The newest Little Free Library is at approximately 3612 12th Ave W, the house number is actually an 11th Ave W address, but the LFL is on the east side of 12th Ave W. The LFL’s steward wrote us to let us know about it, and shared some info on it as well.

First up, here’s the LFL itself, built by Seattle Urban Farm Co:

LFL 12th Ave

And, here’s some of the story behind it – you’ll notice the little dedication plaque for Hugo, just below the door. Hugo is the stewards’ Wire-Haired Fox Terrier who they lost last year after 17 loyal years.

LFL 12th Ave Plaque 2  LFL dog

According to the stewards, they hope the LFL will be a “a great way to interact with neighbors” and they’re hoping to add to the collection with something for everyone. It’s certainly a nice anchor on our map in NW Queen Anne!

LFL Map 022514

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Seattle Sketcher sketches Queen Anne library

January 11th, 2014 by Laura

Seattle Sketcher QA Library

Sketch by Seattle Sketcher, Gabriel Campanario

Last month, the Seattle Sketcher (aka Gabriel Campanario), asked via Twitter what Queen Anne locations would be good subjects.

That week, I’d published a blog post on the Seattle Public Libarary Queen Anne branch’s 100th anniversary celebration, so I suggested the library, and voila!

Today, the Seattle Times published his drawings of our library in a post entitled: “Queen Anne Library to turn page on century of memories” - so a nice tie-in to this Sunday’s birthday celebration at the library.

You can check out his sketches in the Seattle Times article (or click on the image) – and don’t forget this weekend’s free celebration at the Queen Anne branch:

When: Sunday, January 12th, 2pm to 4pm
Where: Queen Anne branch, Seattle Public Library (400 W Garfield St)
What’s happening:

  • Goodwill’s Vintage Fashion Collection exhibit of vintage clothing and an interactive hat show
  • Historical information provided by Queen Anne Historical Society
  • Music and refreshments
  • A commemorative bookmark
  • Children’s craft activity making whirligigs

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Newest Little Free Library brings Queen Anne total to 17

December 19th, 2013 by Laura

Over the weekend, a reader wrote in to let us know that they are the newest Little Free Library stewards on Queen Anne. This new LFL is at 211 Howe St, near Little Howe Park and the East Queen Anne playfield – a perfect location for this particular LFL. Why? The focus of this LFL is children’s books:

“Our LFL features beloved children’s books for children of all ages. We hope community members will help build our library by sharing children’s books that they love and that they will become regular patrons of our LFL.”

LFL Howe

As with all new LFLs, it can use a few books to build up a collection for sharing. If you have any children’s books you’re looking to swap out or donate, feel free to drop them off.

The map and gallery have been updated with all 17 LFLs on Queen Anne. The map (with photos) of the Queen Anne LFLs is below – click to navigate around the LFLs. The photo gallery also has pictures of all 17. Thanks to everyone who helps keep our LFL list up-to-date. And, if you know of a LFL that we’ve missed, let us know!

LFL Map 121513

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Queen Anne library turns 100 in January – help mark a century with your own scrapbook entry

December 16th, 2013 by Laura

QALibraryOur Queen Anne library branch one of the coolest spots on Queen Anne – ok, I’m partial to libraries, but you have to admit, our branch is beautiful!

What makes our library so special, other than that it’s ours? Well, for starters, it’s one of six Carnegie libraries in Seattle. From the brickwork to the windows to the multi-colored roof, I think everyone can admit it’s pretty unique and a special spot on Queen Anne.

Library Plaque

Plaque with 1913 construction date

Andrew Carnegie gave Seattle $200,000 to build a new fireproof library after the original Yesler Mansion burned in 1901. In 1910, he went on to donate $105,000 for the West Seattle, Green Lake, and University District branches. Another gift of $70,000 resulted in our Queen Anne branch in 1914 and the Columbia branch in 1915.

The Queen Anne branch is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and has been designated as a landmark building by Seattle’s Landmarks Preservation Board. In addition to its architectural significance, the Queen Anne branch is also a key part of our neighborhood’s history, and it’s celebrating a big birthday – 100 years – in January.

QA Library kids

SPL Collection: Queen Anne Library branch
ca. late 1950s-early 1960s
Submitted by Mrs. Floyd W. Mason, Jr. Queen Anne Manor

It looks pretty good for a centenarian (thanks in part to a 2007 renovation), and is well loved by patrons both young and old.

Although, it did cause quite a stir for one Queen Anne resident 100 years ago – one parent sent the following letter to Miss Helen Watson, the branch’s first children’s librarian:

“Dear Madam: Will you please stop John and Mary from getting any more books as we can’t get anything out of them at all – they won’t go to bed at night and won’t get up in the morning and won’t do anything but read when they do get up.”

To celebrate the special anniversary, the Seattle Public Library is planning a free celebration at the Queen Anne branch on Sunday, January 12th from 2pm to 4pm. Activities include:

  • Goodwill’s Vintage Fashion Collection exhibit of vintage clothing and an interactive hat show – step back in time and try on one or more of 50 vintage hats!
  • Historical information provided by Queen Anne Historical Society
  • Music and refreshments
  • A commemorative bookmark
  • Children’s craft activity making whirligigs
QA Library Scrapbook paper

Queen Anne library scrapbook paper
Pick up yours today!

And, you can be a part of the preparations via an anniversary scrapbook that the library is putting together. Just stop by the library and share written stories now about your favorite Queen Anne branch experiences on specially designed scrapbook paper.

The paper is available now at the branch, so be sure to take part in the storytelling today.  Your story may be featured in another 100 years, just as the “stop John and Mary from getting any more books” story was shared today!

The anniversary scrapbook will be on display during the celebration, so make plans now to share your stories to mark the happy occasion. If you can’t make it to the library, you can also email your story to and it’ll be included in the scrapbook. Submissions will be taken up to January 12th.

And, mark your calendars to join in the celebration on January 12th, and Happy (early) Birthday, Queen Anne library!

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Sherman Alexie’s Indies First launches this week at Queen Anne Book Company

November 26th, 2013 by Laura

QABC SignRemember when author Sherman Alexie took on the role of bookseller-for-day back in April at Queen Anne Book Company? Well, apparently Alexie was really good at his guest spot – he was a “wildly successful bookseller” according to Queen Anne Book Company’s co-owner and manager, Janis Segress – and, his experience led to what is now an international event… that he’s celebrating on Queen Anne!

Alexie ABA

Sherman Alexie, courtesy of ABA

An author as indie bookseller? Yep, Alexie is at it again and he’s created an international event called “Indie’s First” to rally other authors to do the same. He penned a letter to fellow authors to get them involved, and to date, over 700 authors have signed up to be booksellers on Saturday across the country and as far away as Venice, Italy.

He’ll be at our local Queen Anne bookstore to kick it off and celebrate with fellow authors. Alexie and Garth Stein are the headlining author-booksellers this Saturday, November 30th at Queen Anne Book Company, and they’ll be joined by Laurie Frankel and Lesley Thomas for an afternoon of bibliophilic fun.

Here’s the line-up at Queen Anne Book Company – the event runs from 11am to 5pm on Saturday, so shop small on Saturday and stop by QABC for recommendations direct from your favorite authors:

And, to get people in the reading mood for Saturday’s event, Queen Anne Book Company is offering a 15% discount on all hardcover books on Friday, November 29th. Stop by 1811 Queen Anne Ave N to celebrate reading this week!

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Queen Anne Little Free Library count now at 16

November 24th, 2013 by Laura

Just a little over a year ago, Queen Anne had only two Little Free Libraries. We’ve been posting on new LFLs since then, and wow, they have multiplied! Since that first October 2012 post, we’ve tracked LFLs via spotting them around Queen Anne, reader tips, and owner emails, and Queen Anne now has 16 LFLs!

A year ago, double-digits seemed like a distant goal, and now we’re closing in on 20 LFLs. Perhaps the most in any Seattle neighborhood? If you’re interested in setting up your own LFL, check out the info here on setting one up and becoming a LFL steward. Let’s see if we can hit 20 or even more!

First up for our new LFLs is one at 444 Smith St. We actually captured this one back in September, but were busy searching for one near Bertona St too (if you know where the Bertona one is, please let us know). It’s located near the dead end of Smith St on East Queen Anne. If you’re on your way to or from the 7 way stop on 4th N, it’s practically on the way:

 LFL Smith St

Next up, a couple of LFLs I discovered on walks around the neighborhood. One sits directly across from Big Howe Park at 1811 3rd Ave W, the other at 1525 1st Ave N, just a block away from the businesses along Queen Anne Ave. So, whether you’ve found a sunny spot for reading at the park or want to stop by and pick up a book while shopping, you have options:

LFL 3rd Ave W LFL 1st Ave N

And, finally, the newest LFL on Queen Anne – it’s at 1821 9th Ave W, and its owner sent us the photo just this weekend. As you can see from the photo, it’s super-new, and needs some books! Stop by this new LFL if you have a book or two to share with the neighborhood:

 LFL 9th Ave W

The map (with photos) of the Queen Anne LFLs is below – click to navigate around the 16 LFLs. We’ve also updated the photo gallery with pictures of all of them. Thanks to everyone who helps keep our LFL list up-to-date. And, if you know of a LFL that we’ve missed, let us know!

Queen Anne LFL Map 112313

Past posts on other Queen Anne LFLs:
2531 2nd Ave W
510 Galer Street & 10 Raye Street
Garfield & 10th Ave W
Blaine & 8th Ave W and Etruria
4th Ave N & Hayes
10th Ave W & McGraw
Bigelow & Garfield and Aloha St
McGraw & 1st N and Boston & 2nd Ave W

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Independent bookstore owner panel at the Queen Anne Library branch this Sunday

October 3rd, 2013 by Laura

SPLFriendsThe Friends of the Seattle Public Library is hosting a panel discussion with independent bookstore owners this Sunday, October 6th at the Queen Anne Library branch. The panel is part of the Friends of SPL 72nd Annual Meeting, and will be moderated by SPL City Librarian Marcellus Turner.

From 2pm to 4pm, Turner will moderate the discussion with independent bookstore owners from Mercer Street Books, Secret Garden Books, Ada’s Technical Books, and Book Larder: A Community Cookbook Store. Key topics on tap are the culture of indie bookselling and community spaces in Seattle.

The Friends of SPL invites everyone to bring ideas and questions about the unique space of libraries and independent bookstores to the Queen Anne Library branch this Sunday. Read a book!

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All SPL branches closed on Wednesday

September 30th, 2013 by Laura

SPL Closed 1013Per both a Facebook post from the Seattle Public Library (SPL) and a sign on the local Queen Anne Branch door, take note that all SPL branches and book drops will be closed this Wednesday, October 2.

SPL is hosting a staff in-service day, so plan your trips to the Library accordingly. And, remember, our Queen Anne Branch is closed on Fridays, so for a weekday trip this week, try for Tuesday or Thursday.

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Queen Anne Little Free Libraries now at an even dozen

August 14th, 2013 by Laura

Back in June when we last updated our Little Free Libraries map, we were one LFL short of a dozen. A reader on Facebook tipped us to the twelfth – a LFL on 2nd Ave W that we’d missed. You can check out this LFL between Raye St and Smith St, it’s posted just above a white picket fence:

 LFL 2nd W & Raye

With the addition of #12, the map is now updated as well:

 Queen Anne LFLs 081013

You can check out all 12 LFLs in our online gallery, and if you spot one that’s not listed, or plan to become a steward of a new one, let us know!

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