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Tips from SPD on staying safe and keeping Queen Anne crime stats low this holiday season

December 6th, 2014 by Laura

QA Crime WatchWe’ve had several readers report that they’ve had packages either stolen or tampered with in the past few weeks. Sadly, the holiday season is not all cheer. It’s also a prime time for thieves.

Our West Precinct SPD Crime Prevention Coordinator, Terri Johnston, sent us the tips below on keeping your home safe from burglars and packages safe from theft. If you’re interested in setting up a Block Watch for your neighbors, see SPD’s Block Watch site, it explains what it entails and how to get one up and running:

Locks:  Please use the locks/ latches you have.  Many of the burglaries that occurred this past month were made through unlocked windows.  Some had screens that the burglar simply removed to then gain entry.   Even if you are going to be gone just a short time, lock up!

Exterior doors should be secured with a dead-bolt lock with at least a 1”throw. The doors should be strong enough to withstand excessive force. The door’s hardware such as strike plates and frames need to be anchored to the homes main construction.  We recommend a wide-angle peephole on the main entrance door.

Windows:  Sliding doors/windows can be fortified with a snug-fitting dowel placed in the lower track.   Ensure windows are closed and locked prior to leaving home? If your valuables are visible from the sidewalk, consider closing the blinds when you are away.

Shrubbery:  Burglars love secluded backyards.  Keep your shrubs and trees trimmed to allow for greatest visibility.  Consider motion-sensitive lighting for side and rear areas of your home.

Door Answering:  Since many burglars knock on doors to ascertain whether anyone’s home, it is imperative you always answer the door.  By this I MEAN, talk through the door, don’t open it!

Home alone?  Bluff!  Yell out, “Honey, I’ll get it!”  or whatever words you can use that might indicate there are others in the house.  Then, by talking through the door, you can say you’re on a conference call; you are contagious; or your pet snakes are out of their tanks, etc.  Model this for your kids.  They may be home alone and find themselves in this situation.  It is not rude to talk through the door and it may save yourself a face-to-face encounter with a burglar.

Mail Theft:  Already the reports of stolen packages from porches and multi-family dwellings are being made.  I researched alternatives to home delivery of my packages and found there are many ways to minimize this popular crime.  It is possible to track delivery of your pkg. which may allow being home then.  Can you arrange for the package to be sent to another location, such as a FedEx office or perhaps your workplace?  Could you tip off a trusted neighbor to sign for you, should a package come when you are away?  Talk to your neighbors and see if they’d be willing to store the package inside their home until you get back or instruct them to place it unseen on the side or back.

9-1-1:  Cannot stress enough the importance of reporting all suspicious activity to 9-1-1.  It’s okay if what you are reporting turns out to be nothing. You don’t know what is prevented by getting the patrol car into the neighborhood.   9-1-1 is not just for emergencies, it is for all police reporting and that includes suspicious activity. This is how many of our burglars and car prowlers are caught.

Block Watch:  Did you know that statistics show one is more likely to call 9-1-1 to help a neighbor out, if they know that neighbor’s name?  Even though Block Watch was created to help reduce burglaries, knowing your neighbors and agreeing to watch out for them just makes sense.  Natural emergencies, power outages, landslides, etc. are additional reasons we need to stay together as a neighborhood. We may have to wait for first responders to get to our ‘neck of the woods’ and our neighbors may be our salvation.

Inventory Lists:  itemizing your valuables and noting serial numbers; model and/or photos of jewelry, art, bikes, etc. is helpful to follow-up detectives.  Stolen property is often recovered without a chance of returning to the rightful owner.

Stay safe, call 911 if you see suspicious activity or to report a crime in progress, and report all crimes both big and small. For crimes such as car prowls and property theft under $500,  you can report them via the SPD Online Reporting tool. Watch out for your neighbors and let us know if a crime occurs that the neighborhood needs to know about!

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Seattle Animal Shelter Pet of the Week: Iggy Azalea

December 5th, 2014 by Laura

On Fridays we feature an adoptable pet from the Seattle Animal Shelter (SAS). SAS is located at 2061 15th Ave W, just north of Whole Foods, at the corner of W. Armory Way. SAS is open Tuesday – Sunday, noon-6pm.

Queen Anne View has not met any of these pets – SAS is providing us with the description, as they know them well. We encourage potential adopters to get in touch with SAS and work with them to evaluate the compatibility of your home and a new pet.

REMINDER: Seattle Animal Shelter “Home for the Holidays” Promotion – welcome a new pet into your home this holiday season!

The Seattle Animal Shelter Foundation is pleased to offer a Home for the Holidays promotion. From November 29 through December 14, the adoption fee for most animals over 6 months old will be reduced to only $15, plus applicable licensing fee. Some exclusions apply, such as exotic birds. You can see all our adoptable pets here. Plus, check out these past Pet-of-the-Week dogs and cats, they’re all still available:

Oso (lively Chihuahua mix) – available for adoption
Pooky & Duke (seriously fun pair of senior dogs) – available for adoption
Folson (charming tabby cat) – available for adoption
Mama (dedicated lap cat) – available for adoption
Pumpkin (purrfect kitty for fall) – available for adoption


Iggy A 2014-12-05 3Meet Iggy Azalea!

Iggy Azalea is a sweet, calm and friendly female iguana, who is about 3-4 years old. She was surrendered to the shelter when her family had to move and could not bring her with them.

Iggy enjoys attention and pets from her human friends. She’ll snuggle nicely while you hold her, loving the attention and warmth.

Iggy A 2014-12-05 1Iggy is looking for a forever home where she’ll have a large, roomy place to climb and explore, get plenty of healthy fresh salads, and lots of love.

Potential adopters should have previous iguana experience and/or have done extensive research on their care and needs.

Come in and meet this beautiful lady iguana today!

Iggy A 2014-12-05 2

Iggy (SAS ID #14-22705) is at the Seattle Animal Shelter. Stop by and say hello to her and some of our other more unusual pets including snakes and turtles!

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Traffic Alert: 5th Ave N and Viaduct closures this weekend

December 4th, 2014 by Laura

Once again, the positive spin on this week’s traffic is that it’s a good weekend to stick around Queen Anne. 5th Ave N will be fully closed between Harrison and Denny Way and the Viaduct will be closed between the Battery St Tunnel and the West Seattle Bridge.

Here are the details from SDOT – note each closure has a different duration:

5th Ave N closure 12145th Ave N Closure
- 5th Ave N between Harrison St and Denny Way will be closed from 4am Saturday, December 6 until Monday, December 8th at 5am
- Crews will be removing sidewalk and pavement for replacement
- Expect significant traffic delays

Viaduct Closure
- SR99/Viaduct southbound and northbound lanes will be closed from 11:59pm Saturday, December 6th to 5am Sunday, December 7th
- Closure will allow crews to move heavy equipment across the roadway and conduct survey work on SR 99

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Video from Q13 includes interview with victim of Tuesday’s gunpoint robbery

December 4th, 2014 by Laura

QA Robbery SuspectThe victim of Tuesday’s night’s robbery on Queen Anne spoke with Q13 News last night. The man is not a Queen Anne resident, and it’s sad and frustrating that his introduction to our neighborhood was a scary one. (The suspect is still at large, so please contact SPD if you recognize the man in the photo to the right or have any info to share.)

He exited the bus on 6th Ave W and being unfamiliar with the neigbhorhood, he tried to make his way to a main road. He cites the dark streets as adding to the confusion and we do certainly have some streets that are very poorly lit. It gets dark around 4:30pm now, and not all streets are well-lit, even ones we think of as “safe” neighborhood streets.

He talks about the incident and offers advice based on his experience. For example, he didn’t get the license plate of the red vehicle that was likely driven by the robber’s accomplice – but, in the heat of the moment, many of us might do the same.

Here’s the coverge from Q13′s broadcast:

Here are tips from SPD to keep in mind as we continue to see crime increase on Queen Anne – be sure to call 911 if you see something suspicious or are a victim of a crime, and take note of this information if possible:

  • Good description of the person – race, gender, height, weight, age, clothing
  • Location – street name, number or hundred block, or address
  • Direction of travel
  • Identifying features and/or items: e.g. are they carrying a backpack? If so, what color is it?
  • Description of car and license plate number, if applicable

If you see something that is suspicious or are a victim of a crime, call 911 or the non-emergency number (206.625.5011). Here are some tips from the officers, to give you their perspective:

  • SPD officers gravitate to hot spots of activity – for example, repeated reports about suspicious activity at a park raises SPD’s awareness. A particular location can become a hot spot for proactive patrols.
  • Response time – with the limited number of SPD officers, you may not get instant gratification from a call for something like suspicious activity – but if you call for every incident, the tracking data will show there’s an ongoing issue, and SPD can target it proactively
  • Call a lot – to echo point #2, don’t stop calling just because the first call didn’t yield results. Tracking data is key, and calling repeatedly on criminal or suspicious activity does not make you a nuisance. Calls feed into the tracking database, which is key for identifying trends or hot-spots
  • When to call – the officers emphasized that residents need to call for both large and small issues. Don’t let smaller crimes go unreported: Did your car get broken into but nothing taken? Report it. Did a strange person walk through your backyard? Report it.

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Tent City 3 moves to Seattle Pacific University next Saturday

December 4th, 2014 by Laura

TC3 WinterBack in October, we reported on Seattle Pacific University’s plan to host Tent City 3 from January 10th through March 7th. The move-in date for Tent City 3 has now been moved up to next Saturday, December 13th.

The community shelter will set up their tents on the northeast part of the Tiffany Loop lawn at SPU, on the corner of W Bertona St and 3rd Ave W.

SPU Tent City mapTent City 3 will remain at SPU through March 7th, 2015 as planned. The SPU land use application was approved for 6 months, so the school does have the option of extending TC3′s stay. The school is hosting a series of events to help educate both SPU students and the community on the issue of homelessness.

SPU’s series of community education events  are open to the public, and include films, talks, and discussions:

January 8: How to talk to people experiencing homelessness, 7pm, Weter Lounge
January 22: Public Policy and Homelessness. 11:10-12:30pm, DH 150
January 27: Film Screening, 7pm, Emerson Hall
February 4: “Beyond the One Night Count” advocacy training,  7:00-8:30pm, SUB Collegium
February 12: Youth and Homelessness, 11:10-12:30pm, DH 150
February 17: Film Screening, 7pm, Emerson Hall
March 5: “What we learned” Debriefing and next steps. 7:00 PM, SUB Gazebo Room

More information on the upcoming Tent City 3 at SPU is available via a FAQ on SPU’s web site. If you would like to volunteer or if you have questions, contact SPU via email.

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Man robbed at gunpoint on Queen Anne Tuesday evening

December 3rd, 2014 by Laura

UPDATE: the iPad stolen by the still at-large suspect has been recovered. According to SPD, “A good Samaritan contacted North Precinct officers about an iPad they found in the street in… Ballard today. Officers discovered it was the victim’s stolen iPad and have returned it to its rightful owner.”

SPD is still looking for the person pictured below. If you have any information about this crime please call detectives at (206)684-5535.

We were first tipped to a robbery at gunpoint last night when a Tweets-by-Beat came in for 4th Ave W and Crockett St, and had several people email us to ask about the incident – which took place around 7pm Tuesday night:

Robbery 120214

Today, we have more information to share via SPD’s blotter. According to SPD, a black male in his late teens, robbed a man who’d just exited a Metro bus, and was walking east (presumably on Crockett). A photo of a potential suspect is included below (he used the victim’s credit card in Ballard), if you have any information, contact SPD at (206) 684-5535.

NOTE: write-up below is from SPD, incident took place at 4th W and Crockett – the man had walked east from the bus stop, which would be on 6th Ave W.

Queen Anne Robbery Leads Detectives North
Written by  on 

QA Robbery SuspectDetectives are searching for at least one person after a robbery at gun-point in Queen Anne overnight.

The victim had just gotten off a bus at 4th Ave West and West Crockett St and was walking eastbound just after 7 PM Tuesday.  The suspect, a black male in his late teens, pulled out a handgun and demanded the victim’s wallet and iPad.  The suspect walked away westbound after taking the belongings.  As the victim stood there a red sedan pulled up and the driver asked about the robbery and the direction of the suspect.  The driver then pulled away and was not seen again.

The victim called 911 and assisted them in tracking the iPad to north Seattle.  Officers were unable to find the suspect, electronics or red sedan after an extensive search.

Officers have recovered photos of a possible suspect using the victim’s credit card to purchase items at a Ballard drug store.  If you are able to identify the person or have any information of this case please call robbery detectives directly at (206) 684-5535.

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Celebrate Holiday Magic on Upper Queen Anne this Friday

December 2nd, 2014 by Laura

Holiday Magic poster 2014It may be his busiest time of the year, but according to HomeStreet Bank, Santa never misses Queen Anne Holiday Magic! This year is no exception as the jolly guy makes his 13th annual appearance at Holiday Magic. Along with shopping and fun, you can stop by HomeStreet Bank with your Christmas list and get a photo with Santa.

Be like Santa and don’t miss Holiday Magic! Many merchants have special deals, tasty bites, festive drinks, music, carolers, and more. Plus, neighborhood cheer and sparkly lights! Don’t miss it, this Friday, December 5th from 4pm to 8pm (note: Santa has to return to the North Pole at 7pm).

To help you plan your evening, here’s the list you need to have:

All the Best, 2127 Queen Anne Ave
- One free dog or cat toy with the purchase of 4 dog or cat toys

Bella Fiore Organic Med Spa, 1629 Queen Anne Ave N
- Giveaway for a 1 hr Naturopathic Facial

Blue Highway Games, 2203 Queen Anne Ave N
- Coloring Contest for Kids
- Roll a die to get 1-20% off

Cederberg Tea House, 1417 Queen Anne Ave N
Celebrate the holiday season with African holiday music and samples of Cederberg’s specialty Rooibos drinks and South African baked goods. Also available: build-your-own gift basket: choose from an assortment of South African cookies, candies, cakes, teas and gift certificates, specially packaged and priced so that you can create your own unique gift basket – a perfect holiday gift for friends and family.

Chocolopolis, 1527 Queen Anne Ave North
- Enjoy tastes of our hand crafted chocolate bars all night
- Sample our holiday chocolate treats:
4-5pm – Mint Meltaways 5-6pm – Peppermint Bark
6-7pm – Peppermint Drinking Chocolate 7-8pm – Chocolopolis Favorites
- Spend $100 and get $20 in Chocolopolis Bucks to spend in January 2015
- Receive a free copy of Raising the Bar: The Future of Fine Chocolate, by Pam Williams, with your purchase of our “Around the World in Chocolate” gift box.

Communique Cards, Gifts, & Toys, 2211 Queen Anne Ave North
- Drawing for a Nutcracker. Winner can choose from our stock of 200+ German Nutcrackers
- Free balloons for kids

Cupcake Royale, 1935 Queen Anne Ave N
- $2 off All Ice Cream Pints
- Buy One-Get-One-Free Espresso Drinks
- Free raffle to WIN a Sprinkle Party for 6
- 4-8pm – Frozen Cupcake Decorating Party, $5/child, RSVP online

Domani Pizzeria & Restaurant, 1515 Queen Anne Ave N
- Free Cup of Coffee, Tea or Hot Chocolate with a purchase of a Gift Certificate
- Warm up by the fireplace with Happy Hour prices ‘til 6pm

Haute Yoga, 2131 Queen Anne Ave N
- 5 classes $60 (save $25)
- 3 months unlimited w/ Free yogitoe towel (value $70) $375
- One year membership $1,099
- 10% off retail

HomeStreet Bank, 1835 Queen Anne Ave N
SANTA! Santa will be making his annual visit to the Queen Anne branch from 4pm-7pm. Please stop by to have your picture taken with Santa and enjoy holiday cookies and hot apple cider. We will have Ken & Anna Boynton playing Holiday Songs.

Laurie Swanson Massage, 1817 Queen Anne Ave N, #210
- 20% off online instant gift certificates all day Friday, 12/5
- Plus enter online raffle to benefit QA Helpline: $5 for chance to win a package of 5-60 min. massages ($475 value!)

Le Reve Bakery, 1805 Queen Anne Ave N
- All purchases are 10% off from 4pm-8pm

Mimisan Spa, 2207 Queen Anne Ave N
- Buy a gift certificate at Mimisan and get $10 off your pedicure
- 20% off on all products

My Dressing Room, 1817 Queen Anne Ave N
All in-store sweaters are going to be 10% off and Winter coats will be 15% off

Nancy’s Sewing Basket, 2221 Queen Anne Ave N
- Draw your discount from our holiday stocking and save 10-30% off your purchase – 2nd Annual Share-the-Joy Dress Raffle – Enter to win a new wardrobe for your American Girl DollTM, inspired by PNB Nutcracker, handmade by the Staff. All proceeds benefit Mary’s Place

Pharmaca, 1990 Queen Anne Ave N
Pharmaca is partnering with Solid Ground this Holiday Season, through December 24th. The goal of Solid Ground is to end poverty in the Seattle Area. Customers can purchase a gift bag ($10-$25) containing essential toiletries or baby items which Pharmaca will donate on the customer’s behalf.

Pistil Fresh Flowers and Gifts, 1422 Queen Anne Ave N
- 10% off all holiday plants and planters and holiday wreaths – note: only open til 5:30pm

Queen Anne Book Company, 1811 Queen Anne Ave N
- 25% discount on all purchases
- free gift with any purchase over $50 during Holiday Magic
- Holiday treats and personalized book recommendations

Queen Anne Community Center, 1901 1st Ave W
- Dec 5th-7th, Antique and Collectable Sale
- Friday 5-7pm; Saturday 9am-5pm; Sunday 10am-4pm

Queen Anne Dispatch, 2212 Queen Anne Ave N
- 20% off outerwear

Queen Anne Helpline Christmas Tree Lot, North side of Safeway Parking Lot
- Purchase your trees, garlands, wreaths and more! Pro­ceeds benefit the Queen Anne Helpline and support our neighbors in need

Queen Anne Frame & Avenue Arts, 1621 Queen Anne Ave N
- Stop by for hot cider & cookies
- 10% OFF gifts tonight including: chic jewelry, scarves, candles, photo frames, ornaments, cards, wrap & more

Queen Anne Olive Oil, 1629 Queen Anne Ave N
- 20% off all purchases 4-8 pm
- serving holiday treats made with Queen Anne Olive Oil products

Robert Ramsay Cellars, 1629 Queen Anne Ave N
- Sample our namesake Mason’s Red wine
- Live music
- Ginger snaps for the kids!
- Save 10% on bottle purchases of 3 or more and an extra 10% on our annual case sale – total case savings: 20%
- Pre-assembled gift baskets with our wine, glassware, local chocolate from Chocolopolis and olive oil from Queen Anne Olive Oil Company

Storyville Coffee Company, 2128 Queen Anne Ave N
- Come and warm up by the fireplace
- Peppermint marshmallow hot chocolate for $1/cup
- Enjoy 20% off all desserts & pretzels

Stuhlbergs Home & Gifts, 1801 Queen Anne Ave N
- 10% off everything storewide

Seattle Gym, 1530 Queen Anne Ave N
- Come in and get a free 5-day pass

Three Birds, 2107 Queen Anne Ave N
- Celebrate the evening with champagne and tidbits
- Holiday tunes by a local accordion player followed by carolers

Umbrella Tree, 2111 Queen Anne Ave N
- Hot cocoa bar with complimentary toppings
- Complimentary bunting bar and gift wrapper making station
- Note: 4pm-7pm so the kiddos can get home early

Umpqua Bank, 1630 Queen Anne Ave N
- Refreshments and complimentary gift wrapping, 4-7pm

Union Bank, 1936 Queen Anne Ave N
- Photo booth will be here, with costumes and props, for family pictures

Vitality MediSpa & Medical Clinic, 1503 2nd Ave W
- 30% off of our Ulthera treatments, the only FDA cleared procedure to non-invasively lift the eyebrow, neck and under chin.

Vian Hunter House of Fashion, 6 W Howe St
- Serving champagne!

Yogalife, 8 Boston St
- 10% off any non-discounted regular pass, excluding the Surya Annual pass
- New students (new to the studio) can try a class for FREE on Friday!

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Wild Salmon Seafood and McCarthy & Schiering Wine Merchants are still open in the A&J Building

December 2nd, 2014 by Laura

Wild Salmon openWe’ve posted on the closing of A&J Meats several times since it was first announced in early November. We also highlighted that our local seafood and wine shops are staying open after A&J’s departure – but, it may have been overshadowed by the shock of A&J closing.

A&J’s last day of business was this past Saturday, but that doesn’t mean the building is shuttered too – in fact, there are still businesses at the location that need the neighborhood to thrive! If you’re looking for seafood or wine, the corner is still a destination location.

Wine openAs mentioned in previous posts, Wild Salmon Seafood has a lease through the end of December (and hopefully beyond) and McCarthy & Schiering Wine Merchants still has 2 years left on their lease.

Wild Salmon sandwichBoth businesses are trying to get the word out, as A&J closing was such big news, many people equated it with the whole building shutting down. There are signs posted in the windows, and if Wild Salmon is open, you’ll see their sandwich board on the corner of Queen Anne Ave N and McGraw St.

Help keep our local businesses in business – stop by for fresh seafood or tasty wine, and spread the word that the A&J building is still open!

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SPD arrests Queen Anne car prowler with help of K-9 Ziva

December 1st, 2014 by Laura

Ziva cardSPD caught one of our local car prowlers last night. Last year, K-9 Ziva helped track down a burglar, this year, she helped catch a car prowler. Early this morning, she cornered the prowler in a garage at 2nd Ave N and Aloha St.

The prowler had two loaded handguns and an outstanding warrant. Another good reason to call 911 when you see suspicious activity and people trying car door handles.

Here’s the full coverage from SPD:

K-9 Team Tracks Down and Arrests Car Prowler
Written by  on 

A Seattle Police K-9 team tracked down and arrested a 19-year-old car prowler early Monday after the suspect broke into a vehicle in Lower Queen Anne and stole a pistol.

The owner of the vehicle called police around 3:20 a.m. to report seeing the suspect in his truck on the 1000 block of 3rd Avenue North, and apparently steal his gun. The victim heard the gun being racked as the suspect left.

The K9 officer and his partner, Ziva, started searching for the suspect. Ziva found a strong scent and tracked the car prowler to an open garage near 2nd Avenue North and Aloha Street. The suspect was found beside a parked car in the garage. He was arrested without incident.

The victim’s gun was recovered. The suspect was also carrying a second loaded handgun and two vehicle titles that belonged to other victims. The prowler also was wanted on a Department of Corrections escape warrant. He was booked into King County Jail on the warrant and weapons violations.

Updated to include SPD write-up with additional details.

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Free World AIDS Day concert at EMP on Monday features Wo’Pop artists, art, and more

November 30th, 2014 by Laura

WoPop concertTomorrow, Monday, December 1st, is World AIDS Day. To raise awareness of the worldwide observance of AIDS, the Gates Foundation, KEXP, EMP Museum, and Lifelong are joining forces to host a free concert at EMP from 5pm to 10pm on Monday.

The event will not only feature a concert, but also highlight African music, art, and culture. The concert brings together World Music artists Chimurenga Renaissance (featuring Tendai “Baba” Maraire of Shabazz Palaces) and Thomas Mapfumo & the Blacks Unlimited. World Music will play through the evening with selections by KEXP Wo’Pop DJ Darek Mazzone.

According to Mazzone: “Seattle is fortunate to have both Chimurenga Renaissance and the lion of Zimbabwe himself, Thomas Mapfumo grace the stage at EMP for this debut event… They represent the spirit of music and culture in South Africa, Zimbabwe and the larger African continent. These performances are great way to raise awareness for World AIDS Day, I’m grateful this event has come together so successfully.”

The event both free and open to all ages – plus, art, snacks, education, culture, and music will be provided throughout the evening. All you have to do is RSVP and show up at the EMP Sky Church tomorrow!

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Queen Anne Helpline tree lot is open for business

November 29th, 2014 by Laura

QA Tree Lot 2014The annual Queen Anne Helpline tree lot opened earlier today with the help of a crew of hard-working volunteers. That’s right, the people working at the tree lot as cashiers, tree selection experts, tree trimmers, and heavy lifters are either local volunteers or members (and parents of) of Boy Scout Troop 72.

The lot is open every day through December 21st or until they run out of trees. You can also get garland and wreath decorations at the tree lot, help out the Queen Anne Helpline, and probably catch up with a few neighbors at the same time.

QA Tree Lot sign 2014If you’re in the market for a tree, head to the Upper Queen Anne Safeway at the corner of Boston and Queen Anne Ave N (2100 Queen Anne Ave N).

The tree lot is located in the north parking lot and is open until 8pm every day, and later on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. (note: not sure what the duct tape over closing hours indicates in the photo, but cashiers are on hand until 8:30pm on Saturdays and 8pm on Sundays.)

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Reminder: Seattle Marathon is Sunday, bringing road closures to Lower Queen Anne

November 29th, 2014 by Laura

First of all, who made the Seattle Marathon route map? It’s oriented with West at the top, which is weird to begin with as most maps have North at the top. Because of the standard orientation most of us are used to, the Seattle Marathon map is a view of Seattle that’ll make any resident look twice.

Seattle Marathon 2014 map

But, you’ll need to look at least once to see the road closures planned for tomorrow. The race begins near the Seattle Center and ends at Memorial Stadium, so expect closures to begin early in the day and run through 4pm. Here’s a close up of the roads impacted around Lower Queen Anne – although note that the race start is at 5th Ave N and Harrison… which is not shown as closed (instead, it’s 4th Ave N).

Seattle Marathon 2014 closeup


  • 4th Ave N and 5th Ave are in orange: closed 5:30am-9am
  • 5th Ave N, Mercer, Harrison are in green: 1 side closed 8:45am-4pm

Race start temps are expected to be in the 20s, so perhaps plan a late start to your day, unless you’re logging 26.2 miles, 13.1 miles, or cheering runners on!

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