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Photography Exhibition Opens at Stacya Silverman Art and Beauty this Sunday with Artist Reception

November 14th, 2012 by Laura

Jay DeFehr
Untitled Juliet Portrait
Silver gelatin print, 6-1/2″ x 8-1/2″

Starting Sunday, November 18, Stacya Silverman Art and Beauty will host Portraits and Landscapes, a photography exhibition with works by Thomas Schworer and Jay DeFehr. The show kicks off with an opening reception for the artists held Sunday from 11am to 5pm.

Although his work has been shown internationally, the exhibition will be local artist Jay DeFehr’s first show in Seattle. DeFehr processes his film in a conventional darkroom with his own archival chemistry formulation. The show will feature four of DeFehr’s works.

Thomas Schworer
Cove in Evening Light, Southern Oregon Coast
Encaustic over archival pigment photograph

Landscape photographer Thomas Schworer lives and works in the Pacific Northwest, but his photographs have been exhibited on both coasts. His works featured in the show will be encaustic over archival pigment prints mounted on hardwood. The show will feature ten of Schworer’s landscapes.

The exhibition opens Sunday November 18 and runs through the holidays. The gallery is located across from Macrina Bakery at 514 W McGraw St, Suite 101. For more information, contact Stacya Silverman at 206.270.9465 or

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Le Rêve Bakery & Cafe Celebrates its 2nd Anniversary All Week Long

November 11th, 2012 by Laura

Monday is Le Rêve’s second anniversary, and to celebrate two years on Queen Anne, the bakery and café has special offers all week. Le Rêve has been a great addition to the neighborhood, and owner Andrea Nakata feels fortunate to be celebrating two years in business.

Le Rêve has secured a large following of loyal customers – they were super-busy this past Saturday at 11am, with patrons spilling out onto the front porch on a cold but sunny weekend morning. Congratulations is in order for Le Rêve – and you can do so in person while partaking of the celebration festivities the bakery and cafe has planned for the week!

I asked Le Rêve owner Andrea Nakata about her learnings from two years in business on Queen Anne, and she emphasized the importance of a loyal customer base – further cementing that patronizing our local merchants is what keep them in business and thriving.

According to Nakata:

“Much of the thanks goes to our loyal customers who have not only supported us since we opened but have taken ownership and pride in our little bakery and community gathering place.  I think one of the most enjoyable part of our job is getting to know all of our wonderful customers and neighbors.  We have customers that come in not only everyday but sometimes two or three times during the day to get their morning cup of coffee and and a pastry, soup and sandwich for lunch and dessert on their way home from work.”

And, looking forward, Nakata plans to continue its focus on great customer service while leveraging the heritage of Le Rêve’s new pastry chef:

“We strive to provide the best customer service possible and to offer the best pastries and desserts. With our new pastry chef who is originally from France and has worked all over the world, we would like to go back to our French roots and offer more traditional French desserts and expand our cake selection.  We are excited for this holiday season to be able to showcase all of our new and delectable desserts.”

To celebrate its anniversary and thank customers for their support, Le Rêve has celebration activities planned all week, starting tomorrow, Monday, November 12 – the day that marks 2 years – and continuing through Friday, November 16:

  • Monday, Nov 12: free cake 1-3pm
  • Tuesday, Nov 13: Meet and Greet (plus try new desserts) with Chef Rogerio, Le Rêve’s new Pastry Chef, 10-11am and also meet Antoaneta, Le Rêve’s featured artist of the month
  • Wednesday, Nov 14: Coffee Cupping with award winning Micro-Roaster of the Year, Olympia Coffee Roasting Company, to try Le Rêve’s latest blends of coffee, 10-11am
  • Thursday, Nov 15: Afternoon Tea with a French-inspired menu from 1-3pm (reservations required)
  • Friday, Nov 16: Happy Hour and Live Music, 4-6pm
  • So, stop by Le Rêve this week and pass along your congratulations to Andrea and her staff, and join them in the celebration. Best of luck to Le Rêve for many more years on Queen Anne!

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Help Sandy Victims at QACC on Saturday

November 9th, 2012 by Laura

Would you like to help out the victims of Hurricane Sandy through a local organization? Tomorrow, Saturday, Seattle Occupies Sandy (SOS) will be at the Queen Anne Community Center from 11am-4pm taking donations. If you’re already planning on going to the Queen Anne Artist’s Trunk Show, just add this to your list. If not, the Trunk Show is free admission, and you can stop by for a look at the wares and help out Sandy victims at the same time. Check out the list of items needed – they’re everyday items that many of us take for granted, but Sandy victims need to help return to normalcy.

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Porsche Fire this Morning

November 9th, 2012 by Laura

A Porsche 914 caught fire this morning in front of Genki Sushi at 5th N and Mercer around 8:30am. A reader sent in not only a tip, but also a video of the incident – click below:

At one point the fire was hot enough for the gas in the engine
to combust, pushing the car forward about 8 feet. No injuries reported by Seattle Fire Department, but the car certainly looks like toast.

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Uptown Alliance Meets Thursday – SLU Rezone and Future of Key Arena on Tap

November 7th, 2012 by Laura

The Uptown Alliance meets at 7pm on Thursday and there’s a new location forthis month’s meeting – the Uptown Alliance will convene in the Community Room at Expo Apartments, 100 Republican St.

• Greetings & Introductions
• Round Robin: topics of concern
• Affordable Housing Goals for Uptown – report by Rick Hooper
• South Lake Union Rezone – report by John Coney

- UA Endorsement is requested, please read the Rezone Summary in advance
- Proposed height limit changes in SLU scale down toward the Uptown Triangle (bounded by Denny, Broad, and Aurora)
- UA may later endorse some higher height limits in the Uptown Triangle commensurate with Space Needle views, flight patterns, and the need for more housing and jobs in the Triangle
- Recommendation will come from the UA Urban Design Framework Committee and the Triangle Planning Group

• Nominations Committee – report by Jean Sundborg
• Counterbalance Park – report by Jean Sundborg
• Downtown Public Safety letter
• Future of Key Arena – report by John Coney

- There is some funding for a study of sustainable uses for the Key after completion of the new SODO arena
- A letter from UA to Mayor and Council asks for enhanced funding for the economic study of sustainable uses for the Key and suggests participatory sports uses, if the Key can no longer serve as a concert/sports venue

• Committee Reports

The next UA meeting is January 10 at 7pm, details including meeting location to follow. For additional information, contact Rick Hooper or John Coney.

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Queen Anne Dentists’ Candy Buyback a Success – Kids Get Cash, Troops Get Care Packages

November 5th, 2012 by Laura

As reported last week, local Queen Anne dentist practices participated in the Halloween Candy Buyback program, offering cash for candy that goes into care packages for troops via Operation Gratitude. Little Pearls Kids Dentistry, Smiles by Smita Orthodontics, and Seattle Kids Dentistry participated and collected a grand total of nearly 250 pounds of candy.

The combined practice of Little Pearls and Smiles by Smita collected 140 pounds of candy to send to troops, and they’ll also be donating matched funds to Northwest Harvest:

Seattle Kids Dentistry collected 100 pounds of candy and took the opportunity to educate kids on good dental health and enjoying sweets in moderation. Kids left with not only cash, but also toothbrushes and prizes in exchange for their donations.

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Easy Street Records Recognized by Mayor McGinn

November 1st, 2012 by Laura

Following on the heels of being named the King County Small Business of the Year, Easy Street Records has been recognized as a key independent Seattle business by Mayor Mike McGinn. The mayor chose Easy Street Records as the spotlight business for November’s In Good Company, a program that showcases businesses that “embody Seattle’s pioneering spirit and reflect Seattle at its best”.

According to Mayor McGinn:

“Easy Street Records embodies the diverse musical styles that Seattle produces and is an essential part of the community in the way they spread and promote Northwest music. Their commitment to their employees and to the community of Seattle is what makes them an excellent addition to the In Good Company program.”

The program recognizes locally owned businesses that are “unconventional, transformative and exemplary” – cementing the importance of the local, independent businesses that are the foundation of our neighborhood.

To further emphasize that point, here’s what Easy Street owner Matt Vaughan said in the mayor’s press release:

“We’re going to support anything that has to do with music and promoting the arts in Seattle. That’s our responsibility. As a small business owner, it is gratifying to see that Seattle folks tend to understand that by supporting small business, they are in effect recycling monies right back into their economy and effectively, right back into their local community.”

Check out the Seattle Channel video for Easy Street Records, owner Matt Vaughan talks about the history of Easy Street Records, free in-store performances, and the challenges of operating a small business – adjusting and innovating along the way.

Congratulations, Easy Street!

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Halloween Leftovers? Drop off Extra Candy Today via the Halloween Buyback

November 1st, 2012 by Laura

Compared to last Halloween, our house saw about half the number of trick-or-treaters this year. I blame it mostly on the rain, which decided to pick up during prime trick-or-treating time (and partly on the stairs that people have to hike to get to our front door). Regardless, we’re now left with candy we don’t want or need… what to do?

If you’re stuck in our situation (yes, that picture above is the “after” Halloween picture!) or if your kids hauled in way more candy than you want them to consume, donate it today to the Halloween Candy Buyback, a program that provides candy to Operation Gratitude for Holiday Care Packages. Operation Gratitude includes the donated candy in the 60,000 care packages they send to troops overseas.

Participating dentists will take back your candy – some pay $1 per pound, others offer dental goody bags in exchange for the cavity-causing candy. Or, you can just donate for free to participating dentists.

On Upper Queen Anne, Smiles by Smita and Little Pearls Kids Dentistry, both located at 2223 Queen Anne Ave N, are participating. Just drop your candy off today, Nov 1 between 4pm and 7pm. $1/pound of candy.

UPDATE: Seattle Kids Dentistry at 945 Elliott Ave W, Ste 101 is accepting candy tomorrow Friday, Nov 2nd and Saturday, Nov 3rd., 3pm-6pm each day. $1/pound of candy, up to 10 pounds from children 10 years old or younger with an accompanying parent.

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Pics from Halloween on Queen Anne

October 31st, 2012 by Laura

UPDATED: pictures from merchants and residents now posted below!

The rain didn’t put too much of a damper on Halloween – there were still plenty of crowds for the Queen Anne Ave N trick-or-treating event. Check out the pics below, and send us any you may have as well!

Note how Thing 1 or Thing 2 (they were both there but moving fast!) blazes past the Cat in the Hat:

And more scenes from Queen Anne Ave N:

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Happy Halloween! Keep our Trick-or-Treaters Safe

October 31st, 2012 by Laura

It’s finally Halloween, and it’ll likely be rainy for the Queen Anne Ave merchant Halloween event (3-6pm) and neighborhood trick-or-treating – and dark for the latter. There will be lots of kids and adults on the neighborhood streets, so drivers be careful! Also, one last plea to avoid Queen Anne Ave N between 3pm and 6pm so that the merchant trick-or-treating event is a safe one.

And, finally, some safety tips provided by SPD:

  • Don’t allow children to go “Trick or Treating” alone.  An adult should accompany young children and make sure that all children carry a glow stick or flashlight and wear reflective clothing.
  • Accompany young children to the door of every house they approach.  Stay within sight of the door when opened.  Children should be cautioned to never enter a home without prior permission from their parents.
  • Stay in familiar neighborhoods and only visit well-lit homes that have their outdoor lights on.  Parents should be familiar with every house and with all people from which the children receive treats.
  • Children should be cautioned never to approach any vehicle, occupied or not, unless they know the owner and are accompanied by a parent.
  • All costumes and masks should be clearly marked as flame resistant.  When using facemasks, make sure the child can see and breathe properly and easily.
  • Remind your children to walk — don’t run, and stay on the sidewalks.  Cross only at intersections and crosswalks, not between cars.  Look both ways before crossing the street. Do not cut through back alleys and fields if they are out alone. Make sure they know to stay in populated areas and not to go off the beaten track. Let them know to stay in well lighted areas with lots of people around. Explain to them why it can be dangerous for kids not to do this.
  • Be sure to carry a flashlight with fresh batteries and make sure your child knows your phone number and address.  For children under 12, attach a tag with their name, address and phone number (including area code) to their clothes in case they get separated.  Older children who might be going out with friends should have a cell phone, mapped route and set a time to come home.
  • Children should be cautioned to run away immediately from people who try to lure them with special treats.  Children should be instructed to scream and make a scene if anyone tries to grab them or force them, in any way, to go with them.
  • Don’t approach unknown animals or pets; they could be frightened by the costumes or strange noises.
  • Parents should inspect all treats and dispose of anything that has been opened or has never been wrapped.  The police should be notified if something has been tampered with.
  • If you will be driving your kids to their destinations pay extra attention, particularly to crosswalks, intersections and the side of the road. Kids tend to walk along the curbs, cutting across the street to get to other homes. Keep scanning all around you as you drive, whether as thru traffic or along with your kids as they trick-or-treat.
  • Drive below the posted speed limit in residential areas during trick-or-treating hours. This will allow you time to break if you see a child dart in front of you.
  • Children should be cautioned to remember any suspicious incidents and report them to their parents or a trusted adult and the police.
  • Happy Halloween! Have fun!

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    SIFF Uptown Celebrates Halloween with 3 Classics

    October 29th, 2012 by Laura

    Looking for a way to get in the Halloween spirit? Three creepy-themed films will grace the big screen at SIFF Uptown beginning tomorrow night for SIFF’s “Halloween Classics on the Big Screen”.

    The original 1984 “Ghostbusters” and the Vincent Price classic “The Mad Magician” (the latter remastered and in 3D) will be featured tomorrow, Tuesday, and Halloween. Then for post-Halloween creepiness, SIFF Uptown will mark the 50th anniversary of “What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?” with 2 showings on Thursday night.

    Click photos (courtesy of SIFF) below for links to showtimes & tickets:

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    Halloween Haunts Queen Anne Ave on Wednesday!

    October 29th, 2012 by Laura

    The annual trick-or-treat event on Queen Anne Ave N is on Halloween this year – this Wednesday from 3-6pm. The spooky fun takes place between McGraw and Galer, with A&J Meats and the Marqueen Garage acting as the bookend merchants for the event. Merchants up and down Queen Anne Ave will be participating (many in costume!) and handing out goodies to trick-or-treaters.

    In years past, the event has drawn over 2,000 trick-or-treaters, and the sidewalks have been jam-packed with ghouls, goblins, princesses, and pirates. To keep the event as safe as possible, there will be off-duty police officers directing traffic, and the merchants have requested that people avoid driving on Queen Anne Ave N during the event.

    Take a look at these pictures from last year, and you’ll see why it’s important to keep your car off the main drag and instead walk around and have fun!

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