Alert: 3rd Ave W closed between W Dravus & W Florentia this weekend

screen-shot-2016-12-02-at-5-19-07-pmThis weekend, SDOT will be excavating and paving on 3rd Ave W between W Dravus St and W Florentia St. The joint SDOT & SPU work will take place between 7am and 7pm on Saturday, December 3rd, and Sunday, December 4th.

King County Metro Route 13 will not service 3rd Ave W this weekend, instead it will be rerouted to Queen Anne Ave N between W McGraw and W Nickerson St. Details on stops and the reroute are here.


Here’s what else to expect with this work:

  • 3rd Ave W closed to traffic in both directions between W Dravus St and W Florentia St
  • There will be no parking in the work zone
  • Detours will be in place
  • Flaggers and uniformed police officers will assist with traffic control
  • Travelers may enter and exit driveways on 3rd Ave W but may have to wait for equipment to clear.

Plan ahead for alternate routes to get up and down the north side of the hill this weekend.

Bank of America finally moves in at Galer & Queen Anne Ave N

bank-of-america-1216A little over a year ago, I wrote about how Bank of America was coming to Upper Queen Anne. The prime street-level corner spot at 1501 Queen Anne Ave N sat empty for months, then permits were issued for a Bank of America “Express Store” last November.

This week, a construction crew was installing ATMs in the foyer of the building, and signs were hung with the Bank of America moniker. It’s been over a year, but my research proved true – we are getting a new bank on Upper Queen Anne.

Bank of America joins a slew of banks along Queen Anne Ave N, including Chase directly across the street, Wells Fargo, Umpqua, Homestreet Bank, Union Bank, Umpqua, and Key Bank. All of these banks are on a less than half-a-mile stretch on Queen Anne Ave N.

4 Queen Anne stairways are on the list for SDOT improvements

I divvy up Queen Anne for my daily walks (you can check out views from my Queen Anne walks via Instagram), and yesterday’s walk took me to views of Lake Union then up the Howe St stairs to Bigelow and the Crown of Queen Anne.


The neglected Howe Stairway

The old Howe stairway is one I use regularly for this route, and I always dread running into someone else on it. Why? There is only enough room for one person (or, in my case, me and my dog), one side is completely unprotected by a handrail, and the handrail on the other side is partially made of  rotting wood. Plus, it’s a steep set of stairs with blackberry vines and overgrowth on both sides (and often on the stairs as well).

It’s definitely a neglected stairway, and one that people likely use to get down to Galer to catch the bus or up from Galer on their way home. But, when I got to the foot of the stairway yesterday, there was an info box with flyers from SDOT announcing that this particular stairway has been chosen for improvements in 2017.

In addition to the treacherous Howe stairway, there are 3 other Queen Anne stairways on SDOT’s list for improvements, here’s the full list – click on the hyperlinks to see exactly where these stairways are, and note that Queen Anne is receiving extra attention this go around, per the map:

screen-shot-2016-11-30-at-8-39-24-amHowe Street between 5th Ave N & Bigelow Ave N

Aurora Bridge between Aurora Ave N & Raye St

Wheeler St between Gilman & 13th Ave W

Wheeler St between 12th Ave W & 13th Ave W

As part of the improvements process, SDOT has a survey to poll residents on the improvements that are most valued for each of these stairways.

If you have comments on all four Queen Anne stairways, you’ll need to take the survey four times, once for each stairway. But, it’s a quick survey and important! If you’d like to see better handrails, wider stairs, increased lighting, benches, or more, take the survey today.

The survey closes December 30th, and work begins on the stairways next year. Get your input in so our Queen Anne stairways get the attention they need!

6 story efficiency apartment building planned for Aurora Ave N

1945-aurora-ave-n-mapAnother efficiency apartment building is on its way – this time a 6-story building at 1945 Aurora Ave N, next to the Aloha Inn. Unlike the multi-story efficiency buildings in Uptown, this one has parking. The difference? Uptown construction is located in the Uptown Urban Center, and per Seattle Municipal Code 23.54.015, parking is not required.

The new 6-story building will house 37 “small efficiency dwelling units” with underground parking for 17 vehicles. Here’s an aerial view with a massing drawing of the proposed building (it’s the drawn building to the right):



5 story efficiency apartment building proposed for 215 1st Ave N


UPDATE: No parking will be provided at the proposed building, due to its location in the Uptown Urban Center, per Seattle Municipal Code 23.54.015.

A tiny little building at 215 1st Ave N will make way for a 5 story apartment building that will house 71 “small efficiency dwelling units” and two live/work units at street level. The parcel includes the adjacent parking lot for a total of 7200 square feet of land.

The existing building will be demolished and one exceptional tree will be removed to make way for the new construction. No updated details on parking, but an earlier permit states 25 parking spaces, 14 of which will be underground.

And Early Design Guidance meeting is scheduled for 8pm Wednesday, November 16th at the Queen Anne Community Center (1901 1st Ave W). The meeting is open to the public for comments on site planning and design issues. You can also submit comments via email or snail mail to:

City of Seattle
Seattle DCI – PRC
700 5th Avenue, Suite 2000
PO Box 34019
Seattle, WA  98124-4019

The deadline for all comments related to site planning and design is November 16th.

Design revealed for corner of 5th Ave N & Roy St

We’ve had several posts in the past about 701 5th Ave N, the old Tower Records/Silver Platters building at the corner of 5th Ave N & Roy St. Now, Hewitt, the architecture firm behind the Uptown QFC building, has released images of its design for the location. A construction date has not been set yet.

Here’s the view from the corner of 5th Ave N and Roy St:


Here’s the view along 5th Ave N:


And, that central entryway on 5th Ave N above, here’s a closeup where you can see the multiple skybridges:


The building will house 99 apartment units, 3,481 square feet of commercial space, and 74 parking stalls. The Seattle Immersive Theatre currently occupies the existing building.

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