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King County funds to go toward acquisition of Northeast Queen Anne Greenspace property

March 6th, 2013 by Laura Fonda

As part of an interlocal agreement, the city of Seattle will receive $200,000 in King County Conservation Futures Tax Levy (CFT) funds to purchase property in the Northeast Queen Anne Greenspace. The property is a wooded ravine that connects Trolley Hill Park and the Northeast Queen Anne Greenbelt.

The property has been a long-term acquisition priority for the Seattle Parks Department. It is key to the Queen Anne Neighborhood plan, was identified as a target acquisition in the 1989 Open Space Bond Program. The Greenbelt is the forested hillside on the eastern slope of Queen Anne, above Aurora Ave N.

The funding also includes $1 million towards acquiring a 5-acre shoreline property on Elliot Bay adjacent to Smith Cove Park that’ll provide “significant” waterfront access. It’ll eventually connect to the Pier 91 bikeway, benefitting Queen Anne and Magnolia, as well as other Seattleites and visitors who want to enjoy the area by bike.

King County CFT funds are collected throughout King County as a dedicated portion of the property tax for the acquisition of open space and resource lands. In addition to Queen Anne and Magnolia, Greenwood will also benefit from $250,000 in funding for the city of Seattle to acquire the Greenwood Urban Village Park.

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