Fainting Goat Gelato now open on Upper QA

Fainting Goat gelato is now available at the top of Queen Anne, located on the north patio of Zaw Pizza, at the intersection of Queen Anne Ave and Blaine. According to owner Yalchin Ataman, the Queen Anne location opened a few weeks ago and will be offering gelato and sorbetto from 2 p.m. to 10 p.m. every day through the end of the summer.

Fainting Goat is a family-owned business that uses all organic ingredients, including milk from Fresh Breeze Farms in Lyden, WA, and select ingredients, such as pistachios, imported all the way from Italy. They offer up a dozen different flavors daily (see the list), many based on what’s in season, as well as customer favorites, and perhaps a few flavors that might be new to you. If you can’t decide on just one, they’ll happily scoop up a two-flavor combo.

The original Fainting Goat is located in Wallingford, and the owners selected the summer Queen Anne location due to the neighborhood vibe and family-friendly atmosphere. While Fainting Goat will be at its current location through the end of the summer, if we’re lucky enough, they’ll find a permanent Queen Anne home soon thereafter.

(Editor’s note: This is our first blog post from Laura, a Queen Anne resident who will be writing about neighborhood interest stories. Thanks Laura!)

Queen Anne Pool briefly closed for repairs

Update: It’s fixed and open to the public!

The water heater at Queen Anne Pool has broken down, and Seattle Parks has closed the facility until the replacement parts come in tomorrow (Wednesday) morning. Parks tells us that they expect the pool will open by noon on Wednesday, but in the meantime, swimming events are canceled.

You can call 386-4282 after 11 a.m. tomorrow for information about whether the pool has reopened.

New restaurant opening in Jalisco’s old spot

A new restaurant called Plaza Garibaldi will be opening soon in the old Jalisco’s location on 1st Ave. in Lower Queen Anne. “It’s going to be a great Mexican-themed family friendly dining option that hopefully will be as popular as its predecessor during the Sonics era,” said Ewing & Clark’s Blake Taylor, who leased the facility to the restaurant’s owners.

Taylor said they’ve remodeled the kitchen, dining areas and bar and repainted the building. No word on an opening date.

Stell’s closing its doors on Saturday in wake of lawsuit settlement

One of North Queen Anne’s most beloved establishments — and a longtime hangout of SPU students and faculty — will be closing this Saturday. Stell’s Burgers & More is moving out of the neighborhood in the wake of a bitter lawsuit over contamination cleanup costs. “I’m not jumping with joy that I’m leaving, but it is what it is,” owner Stellios Makratzakis told us.

Nearly seven years ago, Makratzakis opened Stell’s in the building across from SPU, which was occupied by a dry cleaning business. A controversy ensued over who would foot the bill for cleanup costs, reported a story in SPU’s student newspaper, The Falcon. It escalated into a lawsuit over tenancy rights, and the suit just settled. “Part of the settlement is I chose to leave,” Makratzakis said, adding he couldn’t elaborate due to a confidentiality clause in the deal.

In April of last year, SPU said it bought the property that houses Stell’s from Lyle Olsen, who continues to lease out the other half of the building. SPU wouldn’t discuss the lawsuit, but it said it’s “considering a number of options for the property, including food formats that can serve both the University students and employees but also the general public,” SPU’s SVP of Business and Planning Don Mortenson told Queen Anne View in an emailed statement.

“The kids and the faculty are absolutely wonderful,” Makratzakis said, gazing out the window at the SPU campus. “It’s a shame it didn’t work out.” He said he’s exploring a location on Market St. in Ballard as well as locations in Northeast Seattle. “I hope we can stay in the vicinity,” he said, noting they have a growing list of customers who want to be notified when he opens again.

“It’s time to move on and get a new venture going,” he said.

‘Grub’ restaurant coming to the top of Queen Anne

A new restaurant is preparing to open in the former Ototo Sushi digs at the corner of Boston and Queen Anne Ave. Called “Grub,” it’s the product of Queen Anne resident Sharon Fillingim, who’s best known for opening Le Rêve Bakery in the neighborhood.

We stopped by the space this morning, and Fillingim told us Grub will be a family-friendly “breakfast, lunch and dinner house” in an American fusion style — with hints of Asian, Spanish and French influence. She said the restaurant will feature local, sustainable ingredients at an affordable price. This will be her sixth venture, and she hopes it’s her last — “in a good way,” she laughs.

Inside, workers are putting the last touches on tables and decor.

A bar lines one wall, and Fillingim is already working on wine selections. She says they’re planning to open in the middle of August. “I’m a stickler for perfection, and I’m not opening my doors until we’re ready,” she said. “I don’t want to disappoint.”

(Thanks Laura for the tip!)

Missing cat needs her medication

Mamie dropped us a note to say her cat, Shiloh, escaped from W. Lee St. and 4th Ave. last week. “I rescued her from a kitty rescue organization and she has serious kidney disease and requires daily medications. She is very sweet and talkative, but is probably disoriented as she isn’t used to going outside. I have only had her for three weeks and am very worried,” Mamie says.

If you’ve seen Shiloh, please call 619-244-4299 or email zoi619@yahoo.com.