SPU students embrace Tent City residents

Posted on February 24th, 2012 by Editor

One month into the two-month stay at Wallace Field on the Seattle Pacific University campus, residents say they’ve been embraced by the students.

The 80 or so residents have been given student ID cards with $10 on each card to be spent in the student union or go watch a sporting event.

“They make us feel like real people. There was talk of some students who weren’t real hip on us being here, but I couldn’t tell you who they were because everybody has been so gracious,” Tent City resident Tracy Arant tells Rachel Belle of Kiro RM. “You’re on the bus and they’ll start a conversation with you. They come down all during the day and hang out. When you’re used to be looked down on for being homeless, or people are leery of you or afraid of you because they they think you’re gonna rob them or kill them or something. These people, it seems like they really do understand that we’re them, just in an unfortunate set of circumstances.”

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