Teacup closing Dec. 31

Posted on December 23rd, 2011 by Editor

The Teacup, a popular purveyor of tea on the hill, is closing Dec. 31.

For a couple of days now, readers and tea bloggers have been posting stories and sharing emails alluding to the sudden closure of the Teacup, the popular tea purveyor at Queen Anne’s caffein corner of West Boston Street and Queen Anne Avenue North. Elisabeth Knottingham took over the business about 10 years ago when it was located next door to Scott Cooper and Brian Benninck’s Blue Highway Games. Two years ago she moved into the corner location upon the departure of Tullys.

The View has since confirmed that the Teacup is closing. Its last day is Dec. 31. Staff learned of the decision a week ago. Knottingham plans to continue selling tea online, which has always been an integral part of her business.
“It’s both heartbreaking and heart-wrenching,” Knottingham said of the business’s closing. Her chief concern was with the welfare of her employees. She said some have already received job offers.
Knottingham had been negotiating lease terms with the landlord, but an agreement could not be met. Knottingham isn’t sure of her next move but with a background in physics and in nonfiction writing, she may venture in that direction again.

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