Crows attack evening jogger in Upper Queen Anne

Posted on June 17th, 2011 by Editor

We just got an email from Queen Anne resident and reader, who was attacked by a pair of crows at the top of the hill last night and wants to warn neighbors to keep an eye out for the birds. She writes:

I was running last night on 7th Ave W, and just north of Garfield Street I had two crows attack my head about 10X for two blocks. I was running down the street away from them and yelling and waving my arms. I assume they have a nest in someone’s yard and are protecting their young, but they were VERY aggressive and could definitely knock an elderly person or child off balance.

This behavior isn’t all that uncommon in Seattle, especially during the late-spring/early-summer, or “fledge season” from mid-May to mid-June when crows teach their babies how to fly and are on high-alert and on edge, ready to attack anything they might see as a threat.

“They’ve invested a lot in their young and literally have helped them survive natural hazards and storms,” professor of wildlife science at the University of Washington John Marzluff, who in 2005 co-authored a book called “In the Company of Crows and Ravens,” told The Seattle Times in a story last year. Read the full story for more information on how to avoid crow attacks during fledge season, or what to do if you are attacked.

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