Molly Moon’s new Queen Anne location announced

Posted on April 14th, 2011 by Editor

Molly Moon’s new ice cream shop will be located at 321 W. Galer St., Molly Moon’s publicist Jennifer Carroll told QueenAnneView Wednesday.

The lease for the address, currently occupied by Mes Amis pet boutique, was signed on Tuesday, according to Carroll. The doors are slated to open later this summer, but the official opening date has yet to be decided, Carroll said.

Molly Moon’s, with shops in Wallingford and Capitol Hill, held a contest between Madrona, Ballard and Queen Anne from December through February to decide where it would open its doors next. The local ice creamery ultimately decided to open a full shop in Queen Anne, and a smaller “micro-shop” in Madrona.

We reached out to the owner of Mes Amis for comment and to find out if the store would be moving to a new location or closing, and if so, when, but have not yet heard back. We’ll keep you posted on this story as we find out more.

Update 4/15 2:30 p.m.: We contacted Mes Amis owner Nicole Ryan for a comment a few days ago. At the time we first published this post, she had not heard back from her landlord on the status of the lease agreement. Nicole wrote back to us this morning confirming that Mes Amis will in fact be closing, though a final date has not yet been determined.

“I have a 5 year lease that is ending on August 31st.  As my landlord was unwilling to negotiate the monthly rent, which has increased every year, I was faced with the decision to move the business, sell it, or simply close. Since I opened, 6 other independent pet shops in Seattle have closed, so every neighborhood has had a rough go of it. And because we have lived in QA for 10 years, I really did not want to take the store into a different neighborhood. So, I recently made the extremely difficult decision to close,” Nicole wrote us.

Nicole says she was not aware of Molly Moon’s plans to move into her shop space until well after the fact. She only got confirmation about the deal on Wednesday of this week, after the new lease with Molly Moon’s was signed. Before that she had only heard rumors about the deal, and then came across this report.

Though Nicole is sad to bring Mes Amis to a close, she’s looking forward to focusing her attention on her two-year-old, and the corporate job she’s recently returned to. “However, there will be many, many tears when I finally do close up shop,” she wrote.

Mes Amis has the space through the end of August. Nicole says she’s been given the option to leave early, however she hasn’t yet decided if she wants to take or leave that offer.

“I am thrilled for the neighborhood, but I just wish things had been executed a different way. I was forced to tell my employees much earlier than I had planned on, and of course, once word gets out that a store is closing, business suffers greatly,” she wrote.

In the meantime Mes Amis is very much alive and well. There are no current plans to change anything about the store, its products, or hours.

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