Burglars break in, cook meal, trash house

Posted on December 24th, 2010 by Editor

Marc wrote in to tell us of a break-in that happened at the top of the hill on Tuesday night:

My family and I were heading home from a nice dinner with friend and were heading down Bigelow toward our home.  We noticed five police cars around the 1700 block of Bigelow when my wife said, “Oh my God that’s Mom’ s house.” My mother in law’s house was broken into and ransacked by what we believe were some sort of drugged out intruders.  They pulled  the house apart, cooked a meal that destroyed the kitchen and left huge food messes all over the home.  They opened drawers and cabinets and strew about their contents everywhere looking for something.  Five officers investigated the scene and took fingerprints.  They claimed the intruders were possibly the “stupidest” burglars they had ever seen.  In the wake of their destruction they took few if any valuables with them.  The house is for sale and was empty of most valuables but is lived in a couple of days a week.

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