‘Parking in Queen Anne,’ a poem

Posted on July 29th, 2010 by Editor

One of our readers, possibly inspired by the beautiful summer weather, posted a poem about Queen Anne’s many virtues in our forum. And it definitely put a smile on my face.

Wordancediva wrote,

Why doth our lovely Queen Ann reign
In this city, these times, of bitter rain?
Why such a jewel is our Ann so fair?
Outshining the outlook so bleak so bare?
It’s the surety of houses in family care
It’s the plenty of groceries to take home from there
It’s the children skipping as they’re tagging along
The sense of a life for which we all so long.
It’s an actual book store where we can feed on words
Calm cafe’s where to linger afterwards,
And especially, why Queen Ann is so dear to me
Is that here, in Queen Ann, the parking is free.

This isn’t the first time a poet has graced our hallowed hill. Back in October 13-year-old Queen Anne-er Maddie Quinn shared her piece “How to be a good Barbie,” and we’ve been known to have a “pie-ku” or two performed at the Queen Anne Farmers Market.

Do you have a lyric or two you’d like to share about the neighborhood? Comment below! :)

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