Another car prowl in Upper Queen Anne

Posted on April 7th, 2010 by Sara Willy

One of our readers, John, wrote in to report another car prowl at the top of the hill this week. His car, he said, was broken into at 2nd Ave N and Galer on the evening of Monday, April 5. He wrote,

My car was parked on the street across from the Queen Anne High School building and had the right rear window broken in. The thief took an old brick of a laptop that I had sitting on the floor in the back seat due to be recycled. It doesn’t work and has a corrupt hard drive, but the cost of the repair will be several hundred dollars at least. My only solace is that the thing was garbage and waiting to be disposed of anyway, but I’d rather have done it on my terms.

John filed a police report, but hopes that SPD will send more patrols through the neighborhood from time to time to deter prowls like this one. Until then, he offers a bit of advice to neighbors:

Keep your cars free of anything appealing! Anything promising like an ipod, briefcase, backpack, or unopened mail could be a target. Even if they steal something worthless, it’ll still cost you to fix the damage.

If anyone experienced a similar prowl on Monday night or witnessed any suspicious activity, please comment below.