When a squatter, employee & motorist collide

Posted on March 30th, 2010 by Sara Willy

SeattleCrime.com is reporting an interesting incident buried in the police reports from last week. According to police records, on Sunday, March 21 an employee of an apartment complex or motel located in the 2400 block of Aurora Ave N confronted a man that he believed had broken into the building to sleep over the past few nights. While confronting the alleged squatter, the man reportedly threatened the employee with a screwdriver, and in response the employee then grabbed a shovel and reportedly chased the man out onto Aurora Ave N. From SeattleCrime:

The man jumped in front of a car headed north on Aurora, and the driver screeched to a halt.

The report says the driver thought the squatter was “about to be viciously assaulted” by the employee and told the man to get into her car. As the woman drove off, the employee hit the woman’s car with his shovel, leaving a dent.

The report appears to indicate that the driver dropped the squatter off and contacted police about damage to her car.

The woman provided officers with the squatter’s phone number, but police were not immediately able to contact him. The woman told police she wanted to pursue charges against the shovel-wielding employee who damaged her vehicle.

What a strange set of events…