Queen Anne ranks one of Seattle’s most walkable neighborhoods!

Posted on February 15th, 2010 by Sara Willy

The other day I came across WalkScore.com, which rates the walkability of 2,508 neighborhoods in the largest 40 U.S. cities. Countrywide, Seattle ranks 6th after San Francisco, New York, Boston, Chicago and Philadelphia.

Walk Score

Based on number of criteria including the existence of a neighborhood center, density, mixed-use/mixed-income housing, proximity to public parks, spaces, schools and workplaces, pedestrian-centric design, accessibility, connectedness and comfort, WalkScore.com also broke down the city’s walkability neighborhood by neighborhood.

Type in an address and the site lists all of the amenities, including buses, schools, restaurants, parks, coffee shops, movie theaters, libraries, bars –– you name it –– within a few miles of your home. Distances are included and the scoring of each is based on proximity (after one mile, points begin to decline). Participants can also double-check the rankings by submitting amenities for addition or removal from the list.

Out of a 100-point scoring system, Lower Queen Anne came in 9th with 93 points and Queen Anne hill ranked 20th with 81 points. Seattle’s citywide average score is 77. When I typed in my address, halfway up Queen Anne Ave N between Uptown and the top of the hill, I was happy to see my steep-inclined home garnered an even higher score: 97 points – “Walkers’ Paradise”!

The top five high ranking neighborhoods in Seattle are Pioneer Square, Downtown, First Hill, Belltown and Roosevelt. Check out the breakdown here. Search by your own neighborhood or address here and see how your hood stacks up!