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The Opal Bistro monkey says “Watch for the flow”?

January 19th, 2010 by Thea

We have an update on the mystery of what is to become of the late Opal Bistro. The “Watch for the Monkey” signs that have been hanging in the windows of the restaurant since its closing a few months ago have now been replaced with a new message: ‘The monkey says, “Watch for the flow.”‘

Opal Bistro:

After much speculation over the meaning of the monkey – a few readers believed it indicated an expansion of Ballard’s Vietnamese restaurant Monkey Bridge, other wished for a new Italian spot – we’ve determined this much: whatever the monkey will bring, the corner spot at 2 Boston St. will remain under the same Opal Bistro ownership.

Reader Andrew wrote in the comments on our last story,

I talked to Orrapin, and basically she doesn’t know what concept she’ll reopen with after both Opal and Opal Bistro failed, but it will have “monkey” in the title. Sounds like it will be vacant the remainder of the winter.

I stopped by and talked to one of the workers who said the owners are currently remodeling the inside of the restaurant, which he expects will be finished by the end of the next week. As for the kind of cuisine the new restaurant will have? “She hasn’t told me yet,” he said. And if Andrew is right, the owners may not have made up their minds yet. A call to Opal’s old number resulted in a full mailbox and an email has not yet been answered. However, whatever we can expect for the late Opal, there will food, “flow” and, apparently, a monkey, involved.

If you have any information on the new monkey-themed Opal, comment below. Inquiring minds want to know!

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