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TeaCup showcases paintings by Vietnamese twins

December 30th, 2009 by Thea

For the last two months Queen Anne Ave’s TeaCup has been showcasing a number of lacquer paintings by Vietnamese twins Le Ngoc Thanh and Le Duc Hai through Art Xchange, a local non-profit that raises cultural awareness and promotes global understanding by bringing exhibits from artists around the world to local cafes and galleries.

Art Exchange at TeaCup

The brothers have exhibited their work in museums and galleries around the world, including New York, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, London, Bangkok, and Tokyo. They are renown among colleagues for their bold lacquers that use stark contrasts of color and “wild, naive outlines,” according to Art Xchange.

Art Exchange at TeaCup

TeaCup shows mini-exhibits through Art Xchange on a rotating basis, and will be hosting Thanh and Hai’s works for another couple of weeks, when they paintings will be moved to the Art Xchange gallery in Pioneer Square and another installation will take over. If you’re hankering for a cup of tea and some beautiful art, it’s definitely worth the visit.

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