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A little taste of the devil

December 4th, 2009 by Thea

This isn’t news, but it’s just so quintessential Queen Anne. And it’s Friday, so I thought I’d share a little fun. If there’s anything we can’t get enough of on the hill – or citywide, for that matter – it’s coffee shops. And although this is really a Seattle thing, I like to think we on Queen Ann have the best selection. And I don’t play favorites; I love all our Queen Anne coffee shops with the same fervor. I usually have to rotate just to keep it fair.

This morning, while at El Diablo, I was handed a soy mocha with a little devil on top (sticking his tongue out at me, I believe), and I thought to myself, now that’s worth saving.

El Diablo

But, alas, I drank him. Still, kudos to Queen Anne’s amazing baristas (or baristos, in this case?). Happy Friday!

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