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Another dog attacked by a raccoon this week

November 25th, 2009 by Thea

Last night KING5 reported another raccoon attack on Queen Anne hill. This time the victim was a Maltese named Cooper. Owner Carolyn Magoon said she “heard horrific screams” just after letting Cooper out into their fenced backyard on Sunday evening, November 22. She came running, only to spot Cooper under the weight of the attacking raccoon underneath a small table. She wrote in the comments of a previous raccoon attack story,

My dog was just attacked sunday evening in my fenced back yard. It was November 22nd at 7:45pm. I let him out to do his business and less than 30 seconds later heard the most horrific cries. I dashed out to find a HUGE raccoon on top of him rolling him. I grabbed a broom and yelled and he didn’t let go. Finally I punched it with the broom handle and he released for a second giving my maltese time to escape. The raccoon turned and began chasing after my dog. I had to fend it off from the open door! No one will do anything about this!

This is not the first raccoon attack in Queen Anne recently. Just a couple of weeks ago Kelly Gilliam was walking her dog, Winky, at around 10 p.m. when they were attacked by a raccoon that jumped out of a nearby bush. Both were OK, though not without injury. Gilliam spent four days in the hospital, having 12 gashes on her body and needing over a dozen rabies shots. And much like in the case two weeks ago, police told Magoon they couldn’t do anything about the raccoon attack under the law. “It turned on me thinking I took away its meal,” she told KING5. “Is it going to take a small child getting mauled before they do anything.”

Back in July another Queen Anne Maltese, Rosie, was attacked by a raccoon, losing her right hind leg to the injuries. She is going much better now, but still, many residents feel these attacks need to be dealt with before more animals and residents are hurt.

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