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Students at The Center School will unveil the Washinton State Student Bill of Rights tomorrow

September 29th, 2009 by Thea

Students, parents and community members at The Center School will unveil the Washington State Student Bill of Rights at 10 a.m. tomorrow, Wednesday, September 30, on the rooftop of the Fisher Pavilion at Seattle Center. In a public address students will ask the most important question facing educational policy makers today: Does a Washington State high school diploma enable every high school graduate to pursue and complete college or job training and attain a living-wage job in order to succeed in life?

A petition, written for students, by students, the Washington State Student Bill of Rights outlines the eight fundamental rights students say they are all entitled to get them Ready for Life – a campaign by the League of Education Voters that works to ensure that every high school graduate has the opportunity and access to college and/or job training so that they may have a fulfilling and successful life.

The Washington State Student Bill of Rights launch event will kick off with student artist from The Center School putting the on final touches of an 8 x 8 foot mural of the Bill of Rights they designed, and a spoken word performance by Youth Speaks.

After introducing the Bill of Rights, students will be given the opportunity to speak out about the importance of student-activism in improving schools on a grassroots level. President of the Seattle School Board Michael DeBell will then talk about the power and opportunity students have in engaging and improving their education. A Q&A will follow.

The Fisher Pavilion is located at 305 Harrison St, on Thomas St. between 2nd and 3rd Avenues.

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