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Zombies crawling all over Uptown tonight

September 18th, 2009 by Thea

Don’t be alarmed if you see a mob of slow-moving bar-hoppers covered in fake blood and looking sickly roaming around Uptown tonight. Today is the second annual Seattle Zombie Pub Crawl, and it’s taking place in none other than our very own Lower Queen Anne.

The 2009 Revenant Zombie Pub Crawl is being put on by Revenant Magazine, the dedicated literary distributor of all things undead based right here in Seattle, in an attempt to raise awareness of the 2009 Revenant Film Festival.

(Photo courtesy of Geoff Bough and Revenant Magazine).

“Revenant Magazine is a publication that delivers all sorts of exclusive news and content on zombies and the undead – from film, comics and games to fiction and some great original articles. If you’re a fan of zombies, you will definitely enjoy our magazine,” said Geoff Bough, Revenant Magazine Editor in Chief. “We organize the event each year to have a blast with all of the hardcore Seattle zombie fans and to promote our zombie film festival, the Revenant Film Festival.”

The crawl begins at McMennamins (200 Roy St, between N 2nd Ave & N 3rd Ave) at 7 p.m., where the zombie troupe will have a few drinks before heading down to the SIFF theater (321 Mercer St. & 3rd Ave) for a special screening of Kerry Prior’s “The Revenant” at 8 p.m., in conjunction with the Maelstrom International Fantastic Film Festival (MIFFF). The show starts at 8:30 p.m. at McCaw Hall. Tickets are $10. And then the post-screening crawl will commence. And there’s no telling how big the crawl will be!

“Organizing a zombie pub crawl in Seattle is like announcing that there are free doughnuts in the break room. Everyone just kinda shows up and instead of eating doughnuts or longing for that one with the pink frosting on it, we drink, laugh and have an amazing time,” Geoff said. “It’s like a High School reunion with guts and sticky fake blood caked on everything. I hope we have doughnuts this year though.”

Usually the zombie pub crawl happens in Fremont, but Revenant wanted to coordinate with MIFFF, which will be showing sci-fi, horror, fantasy and animation films all weekend. Ticket information here.

Anyone 21 and over is welcome to attend, though it’s recommended you deck out in zombie gear. And if you miss the crawl tonight, don’t worry, the 3rd Annual Revenant Film Festival is next Saturday, September 26 at MOHAI. The Revenant will also be debuting their first ever print edition at the film festival, so look out for that (they’ve been online-only since the early 2000’s). More info on next week’s Revenant Film Festival here.

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