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Road construction on Queen Anne Avenue

April 27th, 2009 by Miss Kitty

Update:  In case you wondered about all the road construction, this Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) provided this information.  The project originates from a request by the community of Queen Anne.  Utilizing the Neighborhood Street Fund process, the Magnolia/Queen Anne District Council asked for improvements that would both enhance pedestrian safety and improve traffic flow.  

The project has two parts:  
   – Queen Anne Ave N and W McGraw Street:  To enhance pedestrian safety and have the intersection serve as a gateway to the business district, SDOT is building curb bulbs and stamped concrete crosswalks.  The crosswalk improvements will use newly poured concrete finished with a treatment that replicates the look of inlaid brick.  The crosswalks, aided by the new curb bulbs, then provide a clear visual indication that pedestrians have the right of way.  Additionally, several other intersections along Queen Anne Ave N have this stamped crosswalk treatment, so this creates a uniform look in the business district area.   

   – Queen Anne Ave N and W Galer Street:  The sidewalk on the eastern side of Queen Anne Ave N will be expanded to increase the pedestrian space.  It is being extended out into the current street area, which is unusually wide, to create a pedestrian plaza with new street lights and trees.  This will shorten the distance that pedestrians have to cross, making the crossing safer, and will improve traffic flow.
The project is funded by the Bridging the Gap levy.  The voter approved initiative specifically sets aside funds for neighborhood improvement projects just like this.  You can learn more about the project at this Web page.

There was lots of road construction this weekend on the Avenue, starting at the intersection of Queen Anne Ave and McGraw. (Thanks, Loree for the photos.)

In spite of all the roadwork, businesses are still open.

On the other end of the Ave. by the Counterbalance, there seems to be more road construction to widen the road.  We don’t have information on this, but have asked Seattle Department of Transportation for an update.  If anyone has information, could you please post to the Comments section?  It would be much appreciated.

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