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Building our local community, one idea

March 29th, 2009 by Miss Kitty

Local resident Suzi LeVine founded Kavana, an independent Jewish community in Seattle several years ago. 

A feature article in the Seattle Times today describes Ms. LeVine as a “high-tech mover and shaker” who started with Microsoft just two years out of college and began promoting Windows95.  She rose through the ranks at Microsoft and moved on to become a marketing guru at Expedia.  With a second child on the way, Suzi began to look at how she might redefine her life once again.  Quoting the Times article,

The people who led those charmed work lives will tell you that what they discovered in moving on is that if there was to be a second act, they’d need to write it themselves. Perhaps what they learned along the way could serve the rest of us as we struggle to answer a question that feels more pressing every day: “What next?”

And so Kavana was founded.  This is a small new venture in which people are not passive participants, but active partners.  This organization is dedicated to building a community centered around strong family and Jewish values.  Kavana’s emphasis is on finding ways to make Judaism meaningful in the day-to-day lives of those involved. It runs on a cooperative model, relying on volunteers and meeting in private homes or rented space at the Queen Anne Christian Church.

Kavana strives to create a supportive communal environment in which individuals and families can use “kavana” – intention – to create a Jewish life that is spiritually fulfilling, intellectually satisfying, fun, and meaningful.

Many of us have looked at ways to contribute to our communities.  Writing this blog is one way this writer hopes is building community.  Do you have ideas of your own?

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