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Car break-ins on Taylor Ave.

March 27th, 2009 by Miss Kitty

One of our readers wanted to warn us that there have been multiple car break ins on/around Taylor Avenue in the last week.

I live on Ward and Taylor, and my car window was broken and a GPS stolen on Monday night. Two of my neighbors were broken into too.

Here are a few tips on how to protect yourself from car break-ins taken fro

  • Park your car in an area that is well-lit and near lots of people.
  • Keep the windows rolled up and the car locked, even if it’s parked at your own house.
  • Keep valuables in your car hidden. Consider buying a removable stereo face to keep in your trunk or carry with you.
  • Consider buying a visible mechanical locking device to lock the steering wheel, and/or an auto theft alarm system.
  • Keep your car registration and insurance card with you instead of in the glove compartment so that thieves cannot produce these documents if stopped by police.
If you experience a break-in or witness suspicious activity, be sure to report to the Seattle Police Department.  Even though it is not an emergency, they will want to make a note of this so that they can keep a watch on the area.

The MagnoliaVoice reported on a Block Watch meeting held by SPD in Magnolia and the rise in the number of car prowls. They stressed that neighbors sharing information can be a good tool to fight car prowls. You can call Terrie Johnston at 684-4741 if you want to schedule a Block Watch meeting for your neighborhood.

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