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Did you have trouble on Thursday with the bus?

February 28th, 2009 by Miss Kitty

Last Thursday caught most people offguard when the light dusting of snow began falling around 5:00 am.  Metro has received a barrage of voiced concerns (aka complaints) from the public regarding how it informs riders of changes in the schedule or changes in routes.  Even the King County Council has made comments regarding Metro’s archaic communications methods.  In a statement, Dow Constantine said,

During sudden storm events of this type, they [Metro] need to know what to expect so they can inform their families and employers.

Given the increasing sophistication of modern phones and wireless Internet providers, I encourage Metro to take immediate action to use instant messaging, Twitter, neighborhood blogs, and customer self-reporting systems to keep Metro operators and riders connected.\

Did any of you have a comment you wanted to submit to Metro?  The Seattle Times also is logging comments.

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