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Attachmate CEO sentenced to 10 days in jail and $157,000 in fines

January 29th, 2009 by Miss Kitty

A story out of Colorado holds a local tie to Queen Anne. The CEO of Queen Anne-based software corporation Attachmate, 1515 Dexter Ave. N., Seattle, who pleaded guilty to charges of criminal mischief and animal cruelty, was sentenced to 10 days in prison and ordered to pay  $83,000 to his neighbor, $70,000 to charities and $4,000 to the sheriff’s department.  

Jeff Hawn, who lives in Austin, Texas, and owns a ranch in Fairplay, Colorado was found guilty of shooting 16 of his neighbor’s prize bison and hiring others to kill another 16 bison in February and March of 2008. According to the Rocky Mountain News, the story seems to be one of feuding neighbors and trespassing bison. (Do you remember the song from the play Oklahoma, “Oh the Farmer and the Cowman should be Friends?”)

Jeff Hawn serves as Attachmate’s chairman, president and CEO, determining overall corporate direction and setting the company’s business and acquisition strategies.  

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