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Last Day for City Team Ministries

December 27th, 2008 by Miss Kitty

As reported earlier by the QueenAnneView several weeks ago, Sunday, December 28th, is the day that the CityTeam Ministries is expected to close its doors after 106 years of service to the city of Seattle.   As Julie Stephenson, director of Northwest programs for CityTeam, said,  “Barring a “holiday miracle it just doesn’t look like we’ll be able to pull it together.”  A full letter to the community is posted to the CityTeam website.

Like other bloggers in town, we’ve been watching for any late breaking developments, but the situation does seem final. According to the Seattle Times, it appears that the Mayor’s Office has made appeals to the California headquarters of CityTeam Ministries to keep the shelter open temporarily.  No word has been given on this.

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