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2008 Seattle Marathon

November 30th, 2008 by Miss Kitty

This was the Space Needle early this morning when over 12,000 runners and walkers gathered for the start of the 2008 Seattle Marathon.  I was a volunteer for the first time this year and couldn’t believe how many people were out this morning.

There are so many incredible reasons why someone would get up early on a cold and dark Sunday morning to participate in either a full (26.2 miles) or half (13.1 miles) marathon.  King 5 TV has captured quite a few of them on their website.  But, you didn’t need a “life changing” reason to get out and have some fun.

It was great to be greeted by the sound of the cow bell or the spectators, young and old.  

Were any of our QueenAnneView .com readers in the Marathon?  And did you have fun?


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